Buying a new roof for your house, well, its totally different from popping along to the local supermarket and buying the week groceries. You’re going to want a roof that lasts a long time, doesn’t present any issues, like starting to leak, and you want a roof that will improve the look of your property, so when it comes to selling your home, perspective buyers can say, well the “the roof looks in good condition”.

So, there’s so much to think about, and with hundreds of Cardiff roofing companies to choose from, how do you know which company to choose? Do you go off Google My Business reviews?  Do you ask the neighbours who built their roof? Do you read blog post, after blog post, reading about various roofing slates and tiles, and then narrow down the list of roofing companies you want to ask for a quote, based on which type of roof tile they can offer. For example, should you hire a roofing company because they specialise in building roofs using Welsh slate roofs? Or should you hire a company because they say they specialise in building clay tile roofs? So much choice, so many roofing contractors, so which should you choose?


Which roofing business should we hire?




So, first things first, we think you should make an assessment, based on how established the business is. If the roofing contractor is established, then they are likely to have a team of highly experienced roofers. When you hire a highly experienced roofing company, they should have roofers that have built hundreds if not thousands of roofs with various types of roof tile, such as clay roof tiles, man-made roof tiles, metal sheets, Welsh slate, Brazilian slate, Spanish roof slates- any why is this important?

Well, its very important because every type of roof tile is different, and you need a highly experienced roofing company to made sure the roof is built right, so there’s no leaks, so the roof lasts as long as possible, and here’s the most important bit, to make sure no corners are cut. If the roofing company doesn’t correctly fix every roof slate to the wooden baton, they roof tiles will slip, roof tiles will fall off the roof, and some roofing contractors don’t nail every roof tile, they sometimes build roofs so quickly that they don’t nail every tile, and this is when roof tiles slip, and leaks from your roof occur.


Cardiff roofing

We have been building roofs in Cardiff, for a long time, we can build pitched roofs, so a pitched roof would be what you find on most houses, a roof that’s built on a steep gradient. Then we also build flat roofs, roofs which would be found on your garage, on your garden room for example. We can also offer to build a roof using every type of roof tile, from double roman roof tiles, through to Welsh slate. If we are building a flat roof, we can offer to build a fibreglass roof, a rubber roof, a tar felt roof. We offer very competitive prices.


We can also offer to build the scaffolding

To allow roofers to safely build a new roof, the house will need to have scaffolding built all the way around it, that’s if it is a detached house, we work with many scaffolders, and these scaffolding companies, can quickly build the scaffolding for you. We build new roofs in Vale of Glamorgan, so that’s Barry, Penarth and Cowbridge, we also build new roofs in Cardiff, South Wales.

We can build a new roof, we can arrange for all of the scaffolding to be built, we can also get rid of all the waste for you. We have many roofers that work for us, so whether we are building a roof using clay roof tiles, man made roof tiles, or slate, we can build the whole roof very quickly. Our roofers are highly experienced, so they can build any roof, whether it’s a flat roof, like a fibreglass roof or a pitched roof, such as using man-made roof tiles, we can build the whole roof quickly.


Google My Business

We would recommend before hiring any roofing contractor, that you see how many positive reviews have been left on Facebook, Google My Business and on Trustpilot, make sure that the roofing company your hiring, has a lot of positive business reviews. Don’t just read the companies reviews on their website, as the company will have selected these, to put on their company website. Instead read the reviews on Google My Business.


Ask if the roofing contractor has completed any work locally

Sometimes, a roofing company will build one roof within a street, and then, because the roof is so good, the chimney has been repointed well, the chimney pots, ridge tiles, and Welsh slates have all been built and look brilliant, that many homeowners in that street also have their roof replaced by the same company. So, it’s well worth asking the roofing company, have they recently built any new roofs locally? It might be, that the roofing contractors have built a new roof on a house just around the corner, so you might want to have a look at the roof, and you may want to knock the door, to ask if the homeowner so happy with the service.

We have built many roofs in Cardiff, that its very likely that we have built a roof near your house. So we can tell you where we have built new roofs recently, so that you can see the quality of our work.


Offers you many different types of roof tile

You might have some roofing companies, which just recommend man-made roof tiles, sometimes this is because this type of roof tile can be bought at a low cost.

However, we roofing contractors which can build a new roof, using any type of roof tile, so we can recommend the advantages the disadvantages of each type of roof tile. For example, one of the best types of roof tile that money can buy, is Welsh slate, its very good quality, it lasts a very long period of time, and looks brilliant on any type of house, yet is one disadvantage of choosing Welsh slate, and that is not all homeowners can afford Welsh slate.

Welsh slate is brilliant quality, and we think of the best roof tiles you can buy, yet with some Welsh slate costing £5.00 a roof tile, this means that not all homeowners can afford, to buy say 2000 Welsh slate tiles, then the scaffolding costs, and then costs the lead, the ridge tiles, the roof baton the felt, and then the labour costs to build the roof.

When we meet you, we can tell you about the advantages and the disadvantages of each type of roof tile.


Ask for a guarantee

During the peak of summer, let’s say in July, up and down Britain, most construction work is being carried out, with homeowners extending their property. With homeowners having loft conversions, or just their house painted. And because of this, a lot of builders, electricians’ roofers have a lot of their work coming in at once, and some roofing companies might rush their work, in order to build as many roofs as they possibly can, however this is when roofing contractors make short cuts, and don’t build the roof properly, and then when it rains, damp patches appear on the ceilings in the house.