So, when our kitchens start to look a bit dated, or there’s a lock our window doesn’t open, then this normally gets our immediate attention, and rightly so. Yet what about our chimneys on our homes, well, sometimes, they need extensive work, because large weeds are growing out of them, bricks are coming loose, or sometimes they need totally repointing- but some homeowners and landlords turn a blind eye, is this a good idea? Most definitely not, in this blog post, we will talk about some of the problems a chimney can incur, and why you shouldn’t ignore these issues.


Lead flashings coming loose

This can be a fairly common issue, that is the lead flashing coming loose, that is cemented into the chimney and stops rain water from falling on the side of the chimney into the roof. The lead flashings can sometimes come loose, and fall off the roof, this can cause water to flow down the chimney into the roof.


The chimney needs repointing

This is a very common issue, especially in old houses, say for example some Victorian houses, that you might find in Vale of Glamorgan, or in Cardiff, the wind and rain over the years can remove what’s called the mortar between the bricks.

The mortar is often not made from cement, it will made from combination of coal dust, sand and is early form of cement. The mortar can come loose, which can mean the bricks come loose. This means you should call a local roofing contractor straightaway, to erect scaffolding, and start work on taking the chimney down and rebuilding it, or sometimes, the chimney can just be repointed.

However, this shouldn’t be ignored, as the bricks could come loose, causing damage to the roof, plus they bricks will be a fall hazard.

Therefore, scaffolding will either need to be built at the side of house, all the way around a house, or sometimes, a scaffolding company can build scaffolding just up to the chimney, then build scaffolding all the way around it, and then our roofing company, can inspect the chimney, and start work on repairing it.


Don’t ignore weeds growing out of a chimney

Some homeowners in Cardiff, might think a weed growing out of the chimney is not a big problem, and can be ignored. However, the weed shouldn’t be ignored, because as it grows, so does the roots, this causes the bricks to “jack-up” meaning the bricks can all move out of place, sometimes coming loose, and bulging out of the chimney, which again, presents the risk of the bricks from falling off the chimney, and therefore is a fall hazard. Plus, the bricks could fall on the roof, causing damage to the roof as well.


Do you offer emergency call outs?

Yes, we do, sometimes, after a strong storm, multiple slates may have blown off your roof, and there may now be damp patches which have formed on the ceilings of your roof within your house. We can arrange for the scaffolding to be erected, and for us to start work on repairing your roof.

We can repair any type of roof, if your house, or business is located in Cardiff or vale of Glamorgan. We also offer free quotes as well.


Which types of roofs can you repair?

We can repair any type of roof, we are roofing contractors which are able to repair pitched roofs, flat roofs, whether the roof is made using Welsh slates, or clay roof tiles, we can repair the roof.



Chimney repair Cardiff

Do you live in a Victorian house in Cardiff, and your chimney needs repairing, then why not call us?

We can either completely rebuild your chimney, or we can just repoint your chimney.


Roof repairs Cardiff

Does your roof need repairing? Perhaps you have a flat roof, for example a rubber roof, or perhaps you have a large 5-bedroom house, and all the ridge tiles are cracked, causing leaks, and need replacing.

We can repair any type of roof, we can carry out simple repairs, such as adding lead flashings around your chimney, through to fixing leaks, caused by the chimney needing repointing or rebuilding.

No matter if your roof is a Welsh slate roof, or made using man-made roof tiles, we can offer you an affordable price to repair your roof.