A roof might be on our house, for over 20 years, and then be no issues whatsoever. However, suddenly you know this upstairs that a major leak has occurred, the wallpaper is starting to come off the walls, and there is a smell of damp. You therefore need a roofing contractor, to come out as soon as possible and to fix the roof.

But what can cause a roof to suddenly start leaking?

Well in this article, our expert roofers, are going to explain, the common issues with pitched roofs in United Kingdom.

Flat roof and pitched roof repair

in the city of Cardiff, South Wales, homeowners will have a wide range of different roofs, some are made using concrete roof tiles, other roofs can be made using slate. We can repair any type of roof, regardless of which type of roof tile it is. We can supply the scaffolding, we can repair the roof, we can take away the waste, and we repair rooms in Cardiff at a very affordable price.

We also repair flat roofs, so if you have a flat roof, which is started leaking, then we can repair it for you.

We offer free quotes throughout South Wales, we repair roofs on commercial buildings, such as factories and warehouses, yet we can also build a brand-new roof onto a house as well.

We welcome tenders, to build roofs for housebuilders, so if you need hundreds of roofs built onto a new housing estate, then why not call us. With a huge team of roofers, we can build a new roof in a short period of time, we can also supply the scaffolding, and we also have external health and safety advisers, which write our method statements and our risk assessments. If you are therefore looking for an established roofing company, then why not give us a ring?


Cracked or missing slates

sometimes, a roof can look perfect, it’s only on closer inspection, that you will see that some of the slates might have cracked or that some might be missing say behind the chimney where you cannot see.

It might only take one, or even to missing roofing slates, for a major leak to occur. For example, a Welsh slate roof, might only have a few slates out of place, and the felt underneath might be ripped, and this might cause a major leak.
Thankfully, if it’s only a few roofing slates that need to be replaced, then we can do this at the very affordable cost.


Broken ridge tiles

a ridge tile can crack, but it might fall off the roof, and this can mean that that’s right at the top of your roof, where you will see a row of clay ridge tiles, one might be missing, but it might be a crack in another, and this is allowing the rainwater into the roof.
Again, if it’s only a few ridge tiles that need to be replaced, then we can do this at the very affordable price. It often takes us a very short amount of time, to replace a few broken ridge tiles.


The guttering has fallen off

you might have cast-iron guttering, might have plastic guttering or you might have aluminium guttering, this can fall off the roof, often because the brackets which hold the guttering have become damaged through rust.

This can mean that a section of the guttering can fall off the roof, and therefore you will need a roofing company, such as our company to come out and to replace that section guttering

Lead flashing has come off the roof

often lead flashing will go around the chimney, and will connect to the roof, it’s possible that some of the lead as fallen off the roof, and now there is water running down the chimney straight into the roof.

We can replace the lead flashing for you, often the lead flashing can be completely replaced around the chimney at a low cost.


The chimney has large weeds growing out of it

As you drive down a lot of streets in Cardiff, you will see many huge weeds growing out of the chimney, and for some homeowners, they might think well, weeds are not causing damage to my chimney, are they?

But weeds can cause huge problems to a chimney, as the roots get bigger and bigger, as the weeds grow, because the horses of brickwork to jack up, which basically means move, this can make the chimney and stable, and in a worst-case scenario, bricks can start to fall off the roof.

So, we can erect scaffolding, we can build the scaffolding all the way around the chimney, and we can complete re-point the hall chimney so that it is stronger, plus also we can remove any weeds. Often well somebody is having their chimney repointed, it’s a good idea to replace the chimney pots even if they only have a slight fracture in the chimney pot.

Roof repairs Cardiff

whether your roof is made using clay roof tiles, concrete roof tiles, Welsh slate, we can replace the whole roof, we can replace the whole roof at a affordable price. We build quality roofs for homeowners, for landlords for businesses, we also build flat roofs onto factories, warehouses and even supermarkets.

We can build a quality roof for you, whether it’s a pitched roof, or a flat roof.

We are rubber roofing specialists, we’ve built hundreds, of rubber roofs. We’ve built a rubber roof onto garages, on to houses, onto factories, we offer very affordable prices, to build a rubber roof. If you are looking for a flat roofing specialist, then look no further than us, we’ve been building flat roofs and also pitched roofs for well over 10 years.

Flat roof repair


Has your flat roof started leaking?

Why not call us, sometimes we can repair a flat roof or as little as £250.


Has your pitched roof started leaking?

Whether your pitched roof is made from slate, concrete or clay, why not call us we can repair your pitched roof sometimes in less than one hour.


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