As you drive through the busy streets of Cardiff, often on a lot of long roads, there will be often multiple houses that are having their roof replaced.

Often the roofing company, that is replacing the whole roof, will often be replacing it with fibre cement roof tiles- but why are these roof tiles so popular? Why do so many roofing contractors, use fibre cement roof tiles, when replacing the roof.

Within this article, we will explain fully, why fibre cement roof tiles are so popular, why so many roofing companies recommend this roof tile, and we shall also explain some of the other options that are open to you.



So, we would say, that one of the main reasons why so many homeowners opt to have a fibre cement roof tile, simply is because this is often the cheapest option. So for example, prices do fluctuate, that let’s say a fibre cement roof tile, could be purchased for let’s say 1 pound per tile, where when you compare this with a brand-new Welsh slate roof tile, while sometimes these can even cost up to 7 pound per tile sometimes. (It’s worth noting, that prices of roof tiles, as with all roofing materials, do fluctuate in price, so you do have to check with your roofing company for the latest prices).


How long, do fibre cement roof tiles last for?

So out of all the different types of roof tiles available, we have to say that fibre cement could be considered a type of roof tile that will last the least amount of time, if you were to compare it with say natural slate, clay or even concrete roof tiles.

The reason for this, is because fibre cement roof tiles are manufactured item, however as many roofing companies will tell you, a roof that is made using natural slate, for example Welsh slate roof which often comes from North Wales, this type of slate will last a very long period of time, and will most often last longer than fibre cement roof tiles. For example, on some roads in Wales, let’s say on some of the main roads in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan such as Stanwell Road, some of these houses still have their original roof that made using Welsh slate.

However, fibre cement roof tiles are much cheaper to purchase, sometimes they are substantially cheaper, when compared to some other types of roof tile, for example fibre cement is often much cheaper than Welsh slate roof tiles, cheaper than Spanish slate roof tiles, and also cheaper than Brazilian slate roof tiles and also cheaper that a lot of clay tiles.

So often, it boils down to cost, that is why homeowners opt for fibre cement, because they are so much cheaper to purchase.


Can fade in colour

This is definitely, something worth bearing in mind, that is sometimes, some low-quality fibre cement roof tiles, can sometimes fade fairly quickly. So, when fibre cement roof tiles are laid on the roof, they might be a dark black in colour, however over a period of time, the sunlight can sometimes cause the tiles to fade in colour, and this is something that’s worth bearing in mind, as sometimes, the roof tiles can turn more of a grey colour over time.


What are my other options?

So, when you are having your roof completely replaced, there are quite literally hundreds of different options to choose from.
Sometimes you might think that you need that the roof replaced with exactly the same type of roof tile that already on the roof, however sometimes, you could pick an entirely different type of roof tile than what you already have fitted on your roof.


So, what would you recommend is the best roof tile option?

So, a type of roof tile, that we describe as one of the best money can buy, is Welsh slate roof tiles.

Yes, Welsh slate, this is a much more expensive option, yes, you do have to consider that when you drive down some streets in Cardiff, or let’s say in Penarth, in the Vale of Glamorgan, some of these buildings still have their original roof that was laid in the Victorian era. That’s how long-lasting Welsh slate can be.


Do you build roofs using man-made/fibre cement roof tiles?

Often, when you drive past a roofing contract, that we are currently working on within Cardiff, often you will see that our roofers are building a new roof using manmade roof tiles.

In matter-of-fact, we would have to say that the vast majority of our customers throughout the Vale, and throughout the capital city of Cardiff, often they ask us to build the roof using fibre cement.

That’s often because when we presented them a quote to replace their roof, often we present a quote offering different options of roof tile that we can fit, and when they see how much cheaper, it is to have a roof constructed using fibre cement roof tiles, often this is the option that they opt for as sometimes, it’s thousands of pounds cheaper than opting for a different option, such as clay roof tiles.

Also, regardless of which type of roof tile you select, it’s absolutely crucial that you pick an experienced, established roofing business, to make sure that every single roof tile is secured in place.

You are going to want to obtain quality roof felt, quality wooden batons, and also quality fibre cement roof tiles. That’s exactly what we can supply, and install we purchase the vast majority of our building supplies, from Travis Perkins, because we know that we will always be supplied with a high quality building materials when we purchase, from this builders merchants.


Can you also fully replace all of the guttering and fascia boards?

Yes, as part of our roofing quote, when we are building a brand-new roof for you, using manmade roof tiles, we can also include within the quote, if you would like, for us to take down all of the original fascia board and all of the guttering.

We can then replace this with plastic guttering, and downpipes and fascia board.

Plastic guttering and fascia boards, are very long lasting.


Do you need your roof replaced?

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