When your house needs a new roof, you should take your time, to make sure you pick the right roof tile for your house. That’s because the different types of roof tile, concrete, slate or man-made really change the appearance of your house.

Welsh slate offers quality and suited to all types of houses, yet you often see Welsh slate used on many period properties.

What the benefits choosing slate?

Welsh slate is timeless- whether it’s been added to a roof over100 years ago, or just built today, it looks great, it never looks dated.

Where some low-quality roofing tiles can fade over time, and can look cheap, Welsh slate is the complete opposite. Welsh slate is very high quality, and its lasts a long period of time, if you the right Welsh roofing company to build it. Because all the wooden batons, the roof felt, the structural timber need to be built by a highly experienced roofer, to make sure the roof is solid, and well built.


Is it just slate roofs you build?

No, we build all types of roofs, from flat roofs, which can be made of fibreglass, or from rubber, right through to building roofs made of man-made roof tiles, or concrete roof tiles or clay. We build all types of roofs.

Which type of roofs can you build in Cardiff?

We build:

  • Green roofs
  • Clay tile roofs
  • Concrete tile roofs
  • Man-made roof tiles
  • Steel roofs
  • Slate roofs
  • Pantile roof tiles
  • Bitumen roof shingles
  • Spanish slate roofs
  • Welsh slate roofs
  • Marley roof tiles
  • Brazilian slate roofs
  • Canadian Slate
  • Western red cedar roof shingles
  • Rubber roofs
  • Fibreglass roofs
  • Double roman roof tiles
  • Britmet lightweight roof tiles
  • Roof windows


Our chimney needs repairing as well, can you build a new Welsh slate roof and also repair our chimney as well?

We can build a new roof for you, or repair your current roof for you, our roofers also have a huge amount of experience, repairing chimneys, we can therefore repoint your chimney, or add new clay chimney pots for you.


Do you free quotes?

We most certainly do offer free quotes, we offer free quotes anywhere in The Vale of Glamorgan, as well as Cardiff. We can sometimes offer a quote in the evenings as well.


How long has your roofing company been building roofs?

We have been building roofs now for a long period of time, we employ highly experienced roofers, so when a homeowner or business owner needs a new roof built in Cardiff, they often ring us. We offer very competitive prices on slate, clay or concrete roofs.

Are you well known roofing company in Wales?

Yes we are a well-known roofing company,  that’s because we have been building rubber roofs in Wales for over 10 years. We have built many rubber roofs.

Do you employ highly experienced roofers?

Yes we do, we employ highly experienced scaffolders, roofers, carpenters, and this means that we can build top quality roofs. We are ask to build many roofs in Cardiff on houses and also on many commercial buildings. So whether you want a rubber roof, or a slate roof, we build any type of roof for you.


There are many Cardiff roofing contractors, so why should we choose your company?

We have been building flat and pitched roofs for over 10 years, this is why so many people hire us, because  have highly experienced roofers. So whether it’s a fibreglass roof, or a slate roof, all our roofs are top quality.


How much does a new roof cost?

This does depend on the size of the roof, if you want a new roof which is more affordable, then we would recommend opting for man-made roof tiles, if you want a very high quality, long lasting roof, which more expensive, we would recommend slate.


How long does it take to build a new roof?

This does depend on the size of the roof we are building, yet with that said, most roofs we build in Cardiff, can be built in less 3 weeks. Our scaffolders, our roofers, our carpenters all work really quickly, so we can build a new roof quickly.

Whether it’s a slate, its steel roof, or it’s a clay roof, the roof will be built very quickly by our roofers.


Can you build the steel scaffolding as well?

We most certainly can, we build all the scaffolding for you, this does cost extra, yet it helps save you time, because you haven’t got to find a scaffolding company, because we can build all the scaffolding for you.


Can you arrange for the rubbish to be put into skip and taken away by a local skip hire company?

Yes, we can call the skip company for you, to get a skip delivered, then every time the skip full of roof batons, felt, old slates, we can call the skip company to bring us a new skip.


Can you replace the guttering for us?

Yes, can install aluminium guttering, or we can install plastic guttering, or we could install cast iron guttering for you.


We having an attic conversion built can you build the roof for us?

Yes, if your having your loft converted in Cardiff, then you will often need a new roof, we can build the new roof for you.


How long have Welsh slates been used on roofs?

Slate has been used as a roofing material for well over 100 years, actually Welsh slate has been used since the roman time. You see many towns and cities which were originally and most of the roofs will have been built using Welsh slate. For example, from Barry, through to South Wales Valleys, many houses were originally built with a slate roof.


Welsh slate dates back to roman times

Welsh slate is thought to be first quarried during the Roman era (source: Slate has been a significant element of global architecture, used many churches, houses and shops.

Slate is therefore used on domestic and commercial buildings, its therefore been used a wide range of buildings from medieval churches in France to modern homes. Its impressive durability, because it is such high quality, has allowed it to stand the test of time, with some slate roofs lasting well over a century.

Statistics: In the UK alone, there are an estimated 500,000 slate roofs, attesting to its enduring popularity (RICS).


What are the benefits of choosing a slate roof?

Slate roofing has so many benefits, it is expensive to buy, often much more expensive than some types of roof tiles, however as the old saying goes,  you get what you pay for, and what get with Welsh slate, is a fantastic quality slate. This is why, when a customer says to us, we want the best roof tile you offer, what would you recommend, and our roofers always say, all the time, the best roof tile that we can offer here at Kingsridge, is Welsh slate, we think its fantastic quality.

(National Slate Association).


Many different types of slate available


When selecting slate tiles, you may want to compare the costs of slate which comes from many different countries, for example, there’s Welsh slate, from north Wales, there’s Spanish slate, there’s Brazilian slate.


Why pay more for a slate roof?


Statistics: 70% of homeowners consider durability as the most important factor when selecting roofing materials (NAHB).

Its important when having a slate roof built, that you hire a roofing company that has built many slate roofs.  This is often why our roofing company is hired, because in Cardiff, In South Wales we are roofing company that has built many slate roofs. We can build a slate roof on a church, on a shop or on a house.

Statistics: Slate roofs can increase a home’s value by up to 6% (Remodeling Magazine).


The Cost Factor

Slate roofing is one of more expensive types of roof tile that we offer, its cost-efficiency becomes apparent when considering its lifespan- because when you drive down streets in Cardiff, some of the buildings have a slate roof, which is over 100 years old, so you can see, that sometimes slate can last long period of time. However, even if the roof is made from slate, and built by highly experienced roofers, it can still become damaged in winter, if there’s a storm, or lightening hits the roof, so even if you have a slate roof, it can still sometimes become damaged in storms.

(Roofing Calculator).

Statistics: Over its lifetime, a slate roof can cost as little as 30 cents per square foot per year, compared to $1 for an asphalt shingle roof (Roofing Calculator).


Slate Roof Maintenance

Even though slate roofs are very durable, periodic maintenance checks can enhance their lifespan- for example if there is any signs of the roof sagging, then you should call a Cardiff roofing company straight away to get the roof repaired. Regular inspections can identify potential issues like cracked slates, missing slates or tiles that may just be chipped, allowing for prompt repairs.

Statistics: Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of a roof by up to 15% (


We need a new roof for our house, but we don’t want the cost of using slate roof tiles, what type of roof tile would you recommend as an alternative?


For those homeowners that need a new roof, but don’t want to pay for Welsh slate roofing, they want a lower cost type of roof tile, then we would recommend man made roof tiles, these not made from slate, they are not long as slate neither. Yet man made roof tiles, they are very affordable, they the cheapest type of roof tile that we offer. Man made roof tiles are normally a fraction of the price of slate roof tiles, and we would say most of the roofs our roofers built, are built are using manmade tiles.

Statistics: Synthetic slate roofs can last 50 years or more, about half the lifespan of natural slate, but still considerably longer than many other materials (This Old House).



When you buy a slate roof, you buying a roof which will last a long period of time. We can offer you a very competitive quote, to build all the scaffolding, we can install lead flashing the guttering the facia boards, we can repoint your chimney as well.



Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the average lifespan of a slate roof?

Welsh slate can last a long period of time, however, how long a slate roof lasts is hard to say, because it depends on pollution levels in your area, how the weather impacts the roof, for example some areas are prone to strong winds, and some are not, it also comes down how good the roofer is that built the roof.

So it is hard to say how long a Welsh slate roof will last, however with that said, if you were to ask us which is the most robust type of roof tile that we can offer, we would recommend Welsh slate, its very long lasting.


  1. Are slate roofs environmentally friendly?

Yes. Slate is a natural material, its produced in quarries, and it’s made from stone, its totally recyclable and has a very long lifespan, which means it’s very environmentally friendly. The production process also has a lower carbon footprint than many other roofing materials.


  1. What are synthetic slate tiles?

Synthetic slate tiles, are often referred to by roofing companies as “man-made tiles” these are much cheaper to buy than Welsh slate.   They try mimic the appearance of natural slate, but a roofer will instantly be able to tell even from the ground, looking up at the roof, ifs its made from real slate or if its made using man-made roof tiles.

Man made roof tiles, often are black, yet natural slate is often a grey colour, or can even sometimes be a purple colour.


  1. Can I install a slate roof myself?

Due to the complexity and precision required, it’s advisable to hire a roofing company to build the roof. One of the reasons why we recommend hiring a roofing contractor is because Welsh slates are very expensive to purchase, and if they need to be cut, then we think its best a roofer cuts them, so no Welsh slates are broken.   Welsh slates, can cost around £5.00 per slate to purchase, so if a person tries to build a roof themselves, and there not a highly experienced roofer, then they break a lot of slates when trying to build the roof.

We think therefore that building a roof, is best left to a highly experienced roofing company, because they have more experience of working on roofs, so they can work more safely. Plus, we build a roof, or repair a chimney, we always make sure that quality scaffolding is built, so we make sure that our roofers are safe while working. If any type of roof is not built correctly, then this can lead to a shortened lifespan and various issues like leaks. For example, if the lead flashing is not properly attached to the chimney, then water can leak between the chimney and the roof.


  1. How does the weight of a slate roof compare to other materials?

Slates are quite a heavy type of roof tile; however, they are often not as heavy as concrete roof tiles, however, slate is still quite heavy, therefore the wooden batons, the structural timbers need to be able to withstand the weight. So, our roofing company, will be able to advise you, when we look your loft, the condition of the roofing timbers, to see if the structural timbers are able to withstand the weight of a slate roof. It might be that when one of our roofers looks in your attic, that the timbers have been eaten by wood worm, or there rotten and therefore need to be replaced.


  1. What makes Welsh slate special?

Welsh slate is in strong demand not just in Britain, but also around the world, roofers from around the world know that Welsh slate is fantastic quality, therefore when churches, houses or shops need a high-quality roof, they often buy Welsh slate.

Welsh slate is therefore still exported around the world.


Final Thoughts

From the cobblestone streets of Wales to the high rises of New York, slate roofs have been used for centuries. We believe that Welsh slate, is the best type of roof tile, that money can buy.

Despite its initial cost, which is quite expensive, you do have to consider how long a Welsh slate roof lasts,  its therefore very long lasting.