When a roof starts to leak, it can be for many different reasons. For example, it could be because of a broken ridge tile, or perhaps the lead flashing has started to come away from the chimney?

Regardless, of whether you have a pitched roof, or perhaps you have a leak that has now occurred on a flat roof? We have roofers, that can repair your roof.

In this article, we are going to explain, how we can fix your roof

Ridge tile replacement

It could be, that’s during a particularly cold winter, your clay ridge tiles have split, and now might be broken and in need of repair. We can therefore, build the scaffolding, and replace the ridge tiles. Often, it’s not worth, just replacing one, we might as well, while the scaffolding is in place, replace all of the ridge tiles.

Sometimes, some ridge tiles can be very old, for example they might be original to the house, and if the house is a Victorian house, then the ridge tiles could be over 100 years old.

Therefore, some ridge tiles are ornate, and designed for Victorian properties, therefore reclaimed ridge tiles, might need to be purchased from a reclamation yard. So, our roofing company, can either install reclaimed ridge tiles, purchased from a reclamation yard, or we can install brand-new ridge tiles.



Chimney repair/removing a chimney

Sometimes, large weeds, and vegetation, can start to grow from the chimney. Weeds may therefore start to grow out of the mortar, which can cause damage to the chimney, what can happen is as the roots grow, and get thicker, they can actually cause what roofers call, jacking up the brickwork. This simply means that the brickwork moves out of place, and this can cause bricks to either fall off the roof, all for the chimney to become unsafe.

What’s needed, is scaffolding, to be built around the roof, and also scaffolding to be built around the chimney as well. This will allow a safe platform, for our roofers to safely dismantle the brickwork, then we can bring our bricklayer, to relay the bricks, and to add cement around the chimney pot as well.



Guttering repair

A lot of homeowners, will need their guttering replaced, as well as the fascia board. In particularly strong winds, this can cause damage to the guttering, and sometimes the fascia board, such as the wooden fascia board, can sometimes fall to the floor.

We can erect scaffolding, and we can take down the guttering and the fascia board and replace it for you.


Missing roof tiles

This is another common problem, with a lot of roofs in Wales, that is a slate, such as a whilst slate, can become loose, and fall off the roof.
This can lead to leaks occurring, it’s therefore important, that as soon as you see, slates missing on your roof, or slates that have moved out of place, to get the roof repaired by a reputable roofing company.

No matter if the roof is built, using clay roof tiles, fibre cement or perhaps slate, we can repair the roof for you. If you are looking for a roofing company in Cardiff, in South Wales, then why not call us? We offer emergency callouts, where we can quickly get scaffolding built, and our roofers can get to work on repairing the roof, whether that’s a roof on a house, or perhaps you require a roof to be repaired on a commercial property.


Is your roof due to be replaced?

Certain roof tiles, such as fibre cement roof tiles, are only designed to last a specified period of time. Different roof tiles, last different periods of time, however you may have recently, purchased a property within Cardiff, and the current roof, might need replacing, so, we can offer you a free quotation to replace your current roof.

The current roof, on the property might not have developed any leaks yet, but, because the roof is so old, plus there might be some sagging, within the roof, and also the roofing felt, underneath the roof tiles, might be ripped, so you might have made the decision, to have the roof completely replaced.

We can offer you a quote, to completely replace the roof, or simply to repair it.