There are so many options when it comes to buying roof tiles for your house, there’s myriad of tile options can make knowing which one to choose a bit daunting. However we are roofing contractors in Cardiffthat are here to help, we will recommend different types of roof tiles,  the benefits and disadvantages of each, so that you can make an informed decision as to which roof tile is best you’re your house in Cardiff, South Wales.



Understanding the benefits of each type of roof tile is important, when considering which roof tile to buy at a builders merchants, you should consider longevity, durability, and also whether your roof is able to take the weight of that roof tile.  

This article aims to guide you through the multitude of different roofing tile types and the different advantages, and limitations, thereby providing you with the information, so you can pick the right roof tile for your house.

Why should we choose clay roof tiles?




Clay tiles, such as rosemary and dreadnaught roof tiles, are very high quality, and very long lasting, this is why when you drive down most streets in Cardiff, they will have some houses, that have a roof made using clay roof tiles. Clay roof tiles have been a staple in roofing for millennia, clay roof tiles are very popular because they are so long lasting, and they look great on any house.  


Clay roofs tiles, made by companies like dreadnaught and also rosemary, are renowned for their durability, they last a very long period of time, and clay roof tiles can withstand harsh weather conditions as well. However, clay tiles are very heavy, so the roof will need to be able to withstand all of the weight. Our roofing company, can come out to your house, and we can advise whether the wooden beams and the roof is able to properly support clay roof tiles.

Clay roof tiles one of the more expensive roof tile options we offer, if you a roof built at a lower cost, then would recommend opting for concrete roof tiles, which can sometimes be a bit cheaper, or man-made roof tiles, which are a lot cheaper.


Things to keep in mind


While durable, clay tiles can be fragile, and we would recommend buying a quality brand, because some cheap clay tiles, can sometimes crack in the frost. Severe storms can cause clay tiles to loosen and fall, which may require replacement at an extra cost.


Clay, being much heavier than manmade roof tiles, might necessitate the wooden beams to be replaced, if some of the wooden beams have wood worm then they most definitely wouldn’t able to stand the weight of clay roof tiles, and the wooden beams will need replacing.  

The Redland Rosemary Traditional Tile is a hit due to its combination of traditional clay aesthetics and modern manufacturing techniques. These top-quality tiles offer optimum resistance and durability while adding a natural



What are the benefits of choosing concrete roof tiles



Many homeowners in Cardiff, South Wales, have a roof that’s made using concrete roof tiles. The advantages of this type of roof are clear, it’s a long-lasting roof, its affordable, because you can buy concrete roof tiles cheaply, and there are many roofing contractors which build roofs using concrete roof tiles, so its easy to find a roofer, that will build a new roof, using concrete roof tiles.



When it comes to standing up to the elements, such as heavy rain, concrete roof tiles demonstrate that they are very robust. Be it wind, rain, hail, sleet, frost, this type of roof tile is as tough-as-nails   . With proper care, this type of roof can last a very long period of time, requiring little to no maintenance. If a roofer needs to replace the odd tile, because its become loose, is swift and easy as well.


Which type of concrete roof tile, would you recommend?


The Redland 50 Double Roman is a very popular choice with homeowners in Cardiff, because this type of roof, looks brilliant , its low cost, and it lasts a very long period of time. Its available in an array of colours and finishes and this roof will improve the look of any house. Thanks to rigorous testing, these tiles have proven their metal in harsh weather conditions while, they are a tough roof tile that can last a long period  of time.  


Why pick slate roof tiles?



What are advantages of choosing Welsh slate roof tiles?


Welsh slate we believe is one of the best roof tiles that you can buy. Available in a variety of different and colours, each slate tile carries a unique character, and lasts a very long period of time.


Despite their delicate looks of slate, slate tiles can provide decade, of service when properly installed and maintained. Slate   


Slate, being a naturally occurring material, needs minimal processing, during the production phase.

This makes slate tiles a eco-friendly choice for roofing, with a very low carbon footprint. Once slate has served their time being used on roof, they can be recycled very easily.

Slate tiles, are very long-lasting, yet one of the disadvantages of choosing slate is with a quite hefty price tag, this is why many homeowners in Cardiff, don’t opt for a slate roof, because slate is very expensive to buy. making them one of the priciest roofing options, for example one single slate can sometimes cost as much as 5 pounds. However, considering how long slate lasts, many homeowners deem the initial investment worthwhile.


Installing a slate roof can be a complex task, so you do need a highly experienced roofer, or roofing company to build the roof, because, the slate tiles are very expensive, so you don’t want to hire a roofing contractor that breaks too many tiles, or doesn’t fit them correctly. You will want a roofing contractor that has built many roofs, using Welsh slate, and we have built many roofs using Spanish slate, Welsh slate, and Brazilian slate.. It’s essential to hire a roofing company with a good knowledge of how to build a roof using Welsh slates.