When it comes to putting a roof onto your house, you do have to carefully consider which roof tiles will be best for roof. Most roofing contractors, mostly build new roofs using “composite tiles” however we roofing contractors in Cardiff, that can offer you many more options, such as clay, slate or steel.

The importance of a good quality roof tile cannot be overstated, if you were to ask us, what we think is the very best roof tile you can buy, we would say “Welsh Slate” however if you want to spend less money, we would recommend composite tiles.

 Roof tiles are a crucial component of any roof, but its also important to have good quality felt, and wooden baton as well. it can be challenging to know which roof tiles (clay, composite, slate) are right for your house in Cardiff. This comprehensive guide will explore different roof tile materials, their benefits, and factors to consider when choosing the perfect roof tiles for your home.


Top 10 Highlights:


    Understand the importance of roof tiles in protecting your home

    Learn about various types of roof tiles, including slate, clay, and concrete

    Discover how to choose the right tiles for your roof pitch

    Explore the benefits of lightweight roof tiles

    Delve into the world of reclaimed roof tiles

    Uncover the aesthetics and functionality of double style roman roof tiles

    Learn about the timeless elegance of natural slate roof tiles

    Understand the appeal and benefits of clay roof tiles

    Grasp the versatility and affordability of concrete roof tiles

    Gain insights from the comprehensive FAQ section to make an informed decision


Section 1: Roof Tiles Buyer’s Guide

Roof tiles serve as the first line of defence against the elements, such as snow, rain and hail stones, and contribute to the overall aesthetics of your home. For example, clay roofs look very different from a roof made using Welsh slate. Roof tiles are available in a wide range of materials, styles, and colours, for example, natural slate, varies in colour, a roofing contractor, can instantly tell if the natural slate roof, is made using Chinese slate, Spanish slate or Welsh slate, because the colours of the slate are so different.

Factors to consider when selecting roof tiles include the roof pitch, the climate for example, your budget, and desired aesthetic.

 Types of roof tiles

There are several types of roof tiles available, for example, would like a clay roof, a slate roof, a roof made using composite roof tiles. each with unique benefits and drawbacks. Some of the most common roof tile materials include:


 Natural Slate Roof Tiles (Welsh, Chinese or Spanish slate)

 These roof tiles are made from natural stone, offering a timeless and elegant appearance. Many Victorian homes in Cardiff, and in Newport, in south Wales, have a roof made from natural slate. Some Victorian houses, even have there original roof today, because welsh slate is so long lasting, that some houses, still have original roof.

Welsh slate is known for their durability and can last over a century with proper maintenance. However, our roofing company will say Welsh Slate tiles are also eco-friendly, as they last such a long period of time.


Clay Roof Tiles (we recommend rosemary roof tiles, and also the brand “dreadnaught” are very good quality clay roof tiles

Clay tiles have been used for centuries, they are very popular in countries like Spain, but also many houses in Wales, have a clay roof, often the roof will be made of flat clay roof tiles. We highly recommend two brands, that make very high quality clay roof tiles, they are dreadnaught, which is very good quality brand, and also rosemary is another brand, they also make very good quality roof tiles.


 Concrete Roof Tiles are very affordable and long lasting

These concrete roof tiles are made from a mixture of cement, sand, and water. They can be bought by us from builders merchants, cheaply, so we can build low cost roof using concrete roof tiles. However if you are having your replaced in Cardiff, south Wales, with concrete roof tiles, its important to make sure that the roof can support of this extra weight, because concrete roof is very heavy.

They are versatile and more affordable than other options, making them a popular choice for homeowners on a budget.


  Choosing the right roof tiles for your roof pitch

The roof pitch, or angle of the roof, is an essential factor to think about, when choosing roof tiles. Our roofing company might recommend different types of roof tiles, depending on the pitch of the roof. Some tiles are better suited for steep pitches, such as quality Welsh slate, while others work well on flatter roofs. For example, slate and clay tiles typically perform better on steeper pitches, while concrete tiles are more versatile and can be used on various roof angles.


Section 4: Lightweight roof tiles, if you want lightweight roof tile, we would recommend composite roof tile.

For example, some houses in Cardiff, south Wales, have timbers, which make the roof, which can only support light weight roof tile. The timbers, may not therefore be able to withstand say the weight of concrete roof tile, which very heavy, so you might need lightweight roof tile, and we would recommend composite tile, which some roofing contractors call “manmade” tiles.

Lightweight roof tiles are a popular option for homeowners looking to reduce the load on their property’s structure.  These tiles are often made from synthetic materials, sometimes called “composite” or a combination of natural and synthetic elements, offering a lighter alternative to traditional materials.  


Section 5: Reclaimed Roof Tiles- we can build a roof using reclaimed Welsh roof tiles

Reclaimed roof tiles are salvaged from old buildings and repurposed for new projects. They provide an eco-friendly alternative to new materials and can add character and charm to a property. Additionally, reclaimed tiles may be more affordable than their new counterparts.

Double Roman Roof Tiles: These clay tiles are known for their distinctive profile featuring two rolls and two flats. They are more commonly used in Bristol, but some houses in Cardiff and in Newport, sometimes have a double roman roof tile, and we can use new double roman roof tile, or you might want use reclaimed double roman roof tiles, that you have bought in a reclamation yard.


  Natural slate roof tiles, we can offer Welsh slate, Chinese slate and Spanish slate

Natural slate roof tiles are revered for their durability and beauty. They are made from natural stone, providing a unique, elegant look that cannot be replicated by man-made materials. Despite being one of the most expensive roofing materials, their longevity and low maintenance requirements often offset the initial cost.



FAQ Section:


    Q: What are the most durable roof tiles?

    A: our roofing company would say, that we think the best roof tiles, are Welsh slate roof tiles.


    Q: Can I use any type of roof tiles on my roof?

    A: The type of roof tiles suitable for your roof will largely depend on the roof’s pitch and the structure’s load-bearing capacity. Most of the time we can use composite roof tiles, but, we can visit your house, and recommend different options.


    Q: Are lightweight roof tiles less durable?

    A: Not necessarily. Lightweight roof tiles are designed to be strong and durable while reducing the load on your property’s structure.



    Q: Are concrete roof tiles a good choice?

    A: Concrete roof tiles offer a great balance of durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. They can also mimic the look of more expensive materials, offering a wide range of aesthetic options.