Just like a pitched roof, a flat roof can be built in different ways. For example, when a roofer is building a pitched roof, they can build the roof with concrete, slate or clay roof tiles.

And with a flat roof, the roofer can build the roof using fibreglass, rubber roofing or tar felt, so this blog post will concentrate on explaining the benefits of rubber roofing.


How is rubber roofing built?

Rubber roofing is built, with wooden beams that support the roof, then OSB board is laid and screwed into the wooden joists.

Then the rubber roofing is laid onto the OSB board, then plastic facia boards are fitted, as well as the guttering.


How long does rubber roof last?

Rubber roofing, when it is built correctly, will last a long period of time, however the rubber roofing cannot be punctured, so the roof cannot be walked upon.

Some homeowners may thick that the rubber is thick, but it is not, so it cannot be walked upon, as the grit on the bottom of your shoe may well be enough to pierce the rubber, once the rubber is pierced, it will then cause leaks to occur.

Therefore, if the roof is built correctly, and the rubber does not get pierced, then the roof can last a long period of time.

We offer very long guarantees on every EPDM and rubber roof we build, so our roofs offer good value for money.


Built quickly

So, when you compare how long it would take to build a pitched roof onto say a property extension, and then compare this to building a flat roof, made using rubber roofing, then building a rubber roof takes a much shorter period of time.

Let’s say an extension on a home, has just been built by a builder, now a roofer is required to add the roof, and the homeowner is comparing the costs when comparing a rubber roof with a pitched roof.

With a pitched roof, we will often need to add A-frames made from timber, so structural timbers will need to be added to support the roof. Then the roof will need a membrane added, then the roof baton, then the roof tiles will need to be added, for example, man-made roof tiles, which all need to be individually added, and then nailed to the wooden baton.

When you compare this to how a rubber roof is built, the construction of a rubber roof is much simpler. Wooden joists are laid, osb boarding is laid on the joists, and rubber roofing added to the osb boards.

Therefore, we can often build a flat roof, made using EPDM roofing, in a single day, where if we were to build a new pitched roof, on the same size building, it might take us 5 days, so we can offer to build a rubber roof at a much lower cost, than what it would cost us to build a new pitched roof.


Guaranteed to last

This is why a lot of homeowners choose us, that’s because when we build a flat roof, we can offer a guarantee on the roof, for a long period of time. This is why so many homeowners, hire us as their roofing contractor, because we offer very long guarantees on our EPDM roofs, which gives our customers the reassurance, that they have purchased a quality roof, that’s made to last.


Why not add a roof lantern?

With energy prices the way they are at the moment, it just makes sense when designing and building an extension on your home, to design it to let in as much natural light as possible, we can install Velux windows onto a pitched roof, and we can add an aluminium roof lantern onto a flat roof.


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