Fibre cement roof tiles are durable, they can also be bought by roofing companies at a low cost, that’s when compared to some other types roof tiles. The vast majority of the roofs that we repair in Cardiff, are replaced fibre cement roof tiles, as they are a fraction of the cost of using slate.

Welsh slate roofs will often last longer, for example, if you were to take a look at some Victorian houses in Cardiff, a lot still have their original roof. That’s because welsh slate is extremely durable, and in some cases, on some roofs, welsh slate has lasted over 100 years. Man made slates don’t last as long, there often not as durable as welsh slate, yet this is reflected in the price.

So one of the main reason why man-made slates are chosen by the customer, is simply down to price, they are the lowest cost type of roof tile. The whole roof can therefore be replaced at a much lower cost, than if real slate was used.


What are man-made roof tiles made from?

Man-made tiles come in different varieties like textured, and smooth, and also come in different colours also.  Most homeowners choose smooth roof tiles because that’s often the cheapest option.

So man-made roof tiles are very different from slate, because there made in a factory from a blend of different ingredients.


Why choose fibre cement roof tiles?

Choosing the right roof tile for your home is very important, and there are many different options to pick from, such as clay, metal, slate. As roofing contractors, what we would say is consider how long each type of roof tile is going to last. If you are going to stay in your home for a long period of time, then why not pay more for a slate roof, which lasts a long period of time. However if you are planning selling your home, in the not too distant future, then you might want to buy an expensive type of roof tile, you might want the cheapest option which we offer, which is man-made tiles. Man made roofing tiles last a long time, yet there often considered by roofing companies not to last as long as welsh slate. Welsh slate is very high quality and lasts a long period of time.


How much you are willing to spend, and you may also want to think about whether the roof in keeping with other properties on your street. The type of roofing material you choose not only impacts the visual appeal of your property, but also its durability, for example some types of roof, simply last much longer when compared to some other roof tiles.   




What are fibre cement roof slates?


Fibre cement roof slates are a type of roofing tile, which are made from a composite material, they are widely used on many houses in Britain, that’s because they are low cost option. When you combine that roofers can build a roof using man made roof tiles quickly, plus these roof tiles are low cost, you can see why so many homeowners opt for manmade roof tiles.

 According to the National Association of Home Builders, fibre cement products accounted for 23% of the cladding market in the United States in 2019, indicating their increasing popularity.


Textured fibre cement roof slates


Textured fibre cement roof slates are another great option, they are again from fibre cement, yet the textured appearance is to try and made the slates look more like natural slate.  However even though fibre cement roof slates are made to look like natural slate, there not there still man made.


What are smooth fibre cement roof slates


A lot of the roofs we build are Cardiff, whether it’s a roof on a house that’s just been built, or it might to replace a roof on a Victorian 5-bedrrom house in Roath, Cardiff, often the customer asks us to build the roof using smooth fibre cement roof slates. Like most roofing contractors, most of the roofs that we build, are built with smooth fibre cement roof tiles.  




The reason why man-made roof tiles are so popular, is because they can be bought at a low cost, this is why fibre cement roof slates a compelling choice for property owners and developers alike. They not only offer a contemporary roofing solution that mimics the charm of traditional slates but also cater to the increasing global demand for sustainable construction materials.  


While it’s essential to consider individual requirements and local weather conditions, the overall benefits of fibre cement roof slates cannot be overstated. They stand as a testament to the possibilities of modern construction materials, combining traditional beauty with cutting-edge technology.


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