we bet that you have heard of Welsh slate, you will have most likely also heard of clay roof tiles, such as double Romans? But, have you heard of solar roof tiles, and do you know the benefits of choosing this roof tile? Within this article we are going to explain what solar roof tiles are, the many benefits of owning these, and also why so many people are hiring us to build a roof using solar roof tiles.


Do you have a pitched roof?

If you have a pitched roof, then you could have your roof generating electricity for you, this can either be used within your house, or alternatively you might wish to sell some of that electricity back into the grid.

A company that builds really high quality, solar roof tiles, is a company called Marley, they produced brilliant quality roof tiles.


So what are  photovoltaic roof tiles?

When you think of a normal pitched roof, and you think of the amount of sunlight hitting the roof all day long, well on a conventional roof, all of that sunlight is simply going to waste, it’s just warming up the roof.

However with photovoltaic roof tiles, what can actually happen is that that sunlight can be turned into electricity, which is brilliant for the environment, it’s also brilliant for your wallet or purse because that energy could be sold into the grid.

Therefore, photovoltaic roof tiles offer a great opportunity to homeowners across the country, because you will be obtaining a high-quality roof tile, but also your roof could be generating electricity at the same time.

We would highly recommend the Marley brand of photovoltaic roof tiles, because they are guaranteed to last, they are excellent quality, plus they can be installed easily, meaning that our roofers, working for our roofing company, can install this type of roof relatively quickly.


Sell energy back to the grid

as your roof tiles are turning sunlight into electricity, you could be selling electric back into the grid.

This can therefore produce an income for you, so not only will you be helping to produce green energy, but you could also be rewarded with selling that electricity back to the electricity companies.


Lower your energy bills

Across the United Kingdom, many people have seen their electricity bills increase, sometimes substantially.

This has led a lot of people to want to find ways where they can generate their own electric, a great way of doing this is to fit solar panels, whether that onto your garage roof, onto your garden room roof, or perhaps onto your house.

And what’s great about Marley solar tiles, is that they produce electricity, but also when you’re driving past that house, you might not even know that that house has solar panels on the roof because they are actually embedded into the roof tile.



Marley for years has produced very high quality roof tiles, these have been used across the United Kingdom, and the company makes a lot of concrete roof tiles.

A company like ours, which has highly experienced roofers, will have undoubtedly built many roofs, using Marley roof tiles. This is definitely a brand that we would highly recommend, as the roof tiles will last a long period of time.

Now the company has brought out solar roof tiles, we think this is an excellent addition to the companies product range.

Because Marley, has been producing quality roof tiles, such as concrete roof tiles for a long period of time, we therefore recommend the company’s solar roof tiles as well, because they too are excellent quality.


Manufacturers guarantee

What’s great about picking Marley, is that they offer a long guarantee period, so you will be receiving a excellent quality product, plus it’s guaranteed to last.


Are you looking for a Cardiff roofing company?

We have a huge amount of experience, building flat roofs as well as also pitched roofs, for businesses and also for many homeowners. Whether you want a roof built using Marley solar roof tiles, or perhaps you would like the roof built using Welsh slate?

We can build any type of roof, we can offer you a very competitive price, our Cardiff roofing company has been building roofs for over three years, we have been building many rubber roofs, and we can also build pitched roofs so why not call us today?