There are some home improvement jobs that can be delayed for another day, for example putting up a bookshelf, repainting the living room, or perhaps laying new carpet. These tasks could be considered as non-essential, however, what is the sure is you can’t delay repairing or completely replacing your roof.

It’s possible, that if your roof is not properly maintained, that water leaks can occur, sometimes causing substantial property damage.

For example, on a particularly cold winter, ridge tiles can crack, during strong storms, multiple tiles can fall off the roof, and during particularly hot weather, old fibreglass roofs, can start to crack and also leak water.


Which types of roofs can you repair or replace?

We repair both flat roofs, and we also completely replace flat roofs. We can also replace or repair pitched roofs as well.
Therefore, we can repair or replace any type of roof.

What are the common signs that a roof needs to be replaced?



Sometimes the structural timbers which hold up a roof, can sometimes completely give way or move, causing the roof to sag.

For example, sometimes a heavy roof tile, such as a concrete roof tile can be installed onto a roof, yet because the roof tile is so heavy, the structural timbers might not be able to uphold the roof. This can cause sagging, that is part of the roof might start to sag, which can actually cause roof tiles to fall off the roof.

Therefore, whichever roofing business you hire, the need to make sure, that the structural timbers, are able to support the roof.

If your roof is showing any signs of sacking, then you should call a roofing contractor straightaway, because sometimes the structural timbers could eventually give way, causing the roof to become damaged.


Missing tiles

sometimes, roof tiles, will have started to come to the end of their lifespan. This can cause them to become more brittle, and proved cracking, which can cause roof tiles the start to fall off the roof.

Let’s say for example your roof is made from fibre cement roof tiles, let’s say the roof is over 25 years old, you might start to see roof tiles start to fall off the roof.

Therefore, if your roof needs regular work to repair the roof, you might be better completely replacing it.


Signs of water damage

This applies to both flat roofs as well as pitched roofs, when you go into the loft, you might see that the chimney breast has signs that water have been running down it.

Alternatively, you might have a plasterboard ceiling, within your house, and this is showing signs of damp.

These are signs that your roof might need to be replaced or repaired.

Sometimes, a relatively simple repair can be undertaken, such as replacing the lead flashing around the chimney.

Sometimes, much more work is required to repair a roof, for example if a roof is sagging because, the structural timbers which hold up the roof, are either snapped or moved out of place, then often the whole roof will need to be repaired.


Do you own a flat roof which is leaking?

Sometimes, flat roofs, such as fibreglass roofs, can start to leak. Sometimes this might be because somebody has walked on the roof, and damaged it, or perhaps, the fibreglass roof has developed a crack, and therefore it has started to leak.

Sometimes we are able to repair a fibreglass roof, by simply adding more fibreglass to the area that’s become damaged. However sometimes, the damage can be so great, that it’s sometimes better to replace the whole roof.

If you were to ask us, which type of flat roof that we would recommend, to replace a fibreglass roof, then we would recommend having a rubber roof built.

Rubber roofing, when it is built correctly can last a long period of time.


Large weeds growing out of the chimney

It’s fairly common, for weeds to grow out of a chimney, this can cause the roots to grow within the mortar. This can cause the brickwork to move, and it can sometimes cause substantial damage to the chimney. This can sometimes mean, that’s scaffolding needs to be built all the way around the chimney, add each course of brickwork taken down and the whole chimney rebuilt.

Sometimes, the homeowner won’t use the chimney at all, so therefore when the chimney needs to be repaired, rather than having it completely rebuilt, sometimes the homeowner will ask us to remove the chimney.

We can therefore take the chimney down for you or we can repair it.


Missing fascia board or guttering

This is another fairly common problem, that homeowners can incur, that is missing fascia board or guttering.
Sometimes, especially during strong winds, such as during a strong storm, the fascia board might fall down.

Guttering can also fall down, for example the supports which hold up your guttering, can sometimes be made of cast iron, cast iron can be prone to rust, especially if the cast-iron is quite old. For example, on some Victorian properties, the cast iron guttering might be original to the building. When the guttering supports have a lot of rust, this means that the guttering might fall down at any point.

We can therefore take down the old guttering, and we can replace it with more modern plastic guttering, or perhaps you would prefer aluminium guttering?



Does your roof need to be repaired, in Cardiff?

If you have a flat roof, or perhaps a pitched roof that needs to be repaired, then why not call our roofing company? We have been building roofs for many years, we also have many roofers which work for us.

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