Flat Roofing / Pitched Roofs 

Our team specialises in constructing both commercial and residential roofs.

We are known for crafting top-notch rubber roofs, and also building pitched roofs as well.  

Our expertise spans across various roofing projects, from small-scale repair jobs that can be completed in less than an hour on residential roofs to the construction of large commercial roofs.

Our company can offer to build  new roofs and we can also offer roof repairs as well

Our company excels in not only repairing but also constructing brand new flat roofs / pitched roofs for various buildings. Whether that be a garden room, a garage or a factory.


At Kingsridge Roofing, our expertise lies in crafting quality rubber / tile roofs, which offer numerous benefits such as durability and are built to last a long period of time.  


Our highly skilled team of roofers, build quality roofs right across Wales.


We have the capability to construct flat roofs / pitched roofs on a wide variety of building types, encompassing everything from garden rooms to expansive warehouses.  


Why hire us to build your roof?

If you’re considering  having a new rubber roof or a pitched roof built in Cardiff, South Wales then it’s essential to hire a roofing company like ours which has already built a huge number of roofs in Wales


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