There are thousands of roofing contractors, some just build flat roofs, some just build pitched roofs, however we build both.
Because there are so many roofing contractors to choose from, quite literally thousands, we thought it would be a really good idea to write an article, explaining why so many residents within Cardiff, have already hired us to repair, or to completely replace their roof.



Our company is fully insured, we are insured to build both flat roofs, as well as pitched roofs. We are also insured to build roofs for residential customers, as well as for businesses.


We can build a new roof anywhere within Wales, whether it’s a new roof that needs to be added to a church, or you own a seven bedroom house, and you want a Welsh slate roof added to your house, we can build any type of roof at a very competitive price. We have been building roofs now for over 10 years, so we are highly experienced roofing contractors. We can add a new roof to a supermarket, to a factory, or to a new house.

We take on roofing contracts ranging from £1000, to £1 million. We are fully insured, we have a very large team of roofers, we have over 10 full-time roofers, our roofers are experienced in building rubber roofs, slate roofs and also carrying out chimney repairs.
So, whether it’s a chimney pot that needs to be replaced, or you need a brand-new rubber roof, added to a supermarket, we can build the roof you.


Whether it’s Welsh slate we are purchasing, the timber batons, or the chimney pots, our company only purchases top quality roof tiles.

If you were to ask us, what roof tiles we think are the best quality, we would highly recommend choosing Welsh slate roof tiles.
In our opinion, Welsh slate roof tiles are the best roof tiles that money could buy. So, if you are looking for a very high-quality roof, to be added to your house, then we would highly recommend choosing Welsh slate.

We have built many roofs, using Welsh slate.

Have you built many roofs in Cardiff?

In the city of Cardiff, we have built a huge number of roofs, we have built new roofs using slate, fibre cement roof tiles, as well as using clay roof tiles. We have over 10 full-time, highly experienced, roofers. Our roofers are experienced in building roofs onto commercial buildings, such as supermarkets, as well as building pitched roofs, onto churches, houses and libraries.

We can offer you very competitive prices, that’s to build the new roof, supply the skips, to get rid of the waste, and we can also supply all the scaffolding, that will be needed to build your new roof.


Don’t pay over the top

Some roofing companies, especially when they are really busy, during the summer, they offer you a quote that’s completely over the top.

We are roofing contractors which are completely different from some other roofing contractors, in that we always offer the most competitive quote that we can offer. Whether that’s to replace chimney pots, repay your chimney, replace your fascia board or to completely build a new roof, we always offer very competitive prices.



We have 10 years of experience of building both residential as well as roofs for businesses.

Can offer you many different types of roof tile

We build every type of pitched roof, for example we can build a pitched roof using Brazilian slate, Spanish slate or Welsh slate.

We can also build a roof, using concrete roof tiles, using roof tiles which have solar panels built within them, we can also build a roof using clay roof tiles, such as double Roman roof tiles.

Steel roofs

Perhaps you need a new steel roof, added to a factory, we can build a roof using box profile steel sheets.

We can build a roof using corrugated iron sheets.

We can build a new roof using steel box profile steel sheets, which have insulation built into the roof sheets.


Commercial roofing

We can build any type of roof, whether it’s for a house or for a factory.

Our roofers are highly experienced in building any type of roof.



We can supply, all of the scaffolding which is needed, whether it’s to scaffold around a factory, that might be well over an acre in size, or if it scaffolding to go around a three-bedroom house, we can supply the scaffolding, once the scaffolding has been built, we can start to build the roof for you.


Roof repairs

Your current roof might need repairing? Whether it’s a flat roof, made using fibreglass roofing, or it’s a pitched roof, made using Spanish roof slate, we can repair your roof. It might just be, that a leak has occurred from your roof, because of a few roof slates, that have fallen off the roof, or your roof might need more extensive repair, for example all of the ridge tiles, might have cracked and need replacing. We can repair your roof, we can repair any type of roof, whether it’s a pitched roof, or a flat roof.


Free estimates

We can offer you a free estimate to repair, or to completely replace your roof. We also repair chimneys; we can also replace your fascia board and guttering.

We are roofing contractors, which can replace your roof, repair your chimney, replace your fascia boards and replace the guttering, we can do all of this work at a very competitive price.