Some parts of Cardiff, most of the roofs will be made of Welsh slate or man-made slates. This is important because this is a thin type of roofing slate, and you sometimes need the same type of roofing tile, for it to join into next door’s roof. For example if you have a terraced property, and your neighbour has a roof made using man-made roof tiles, and the slates join to next doors roof, then you will often need the same thickness of slate to join next doors roof. Therefore, you can’t join a thick concrete tile, with a Welsh slate roof tile, because the thickness is different.

In this article, we are going to look at the different types of roofs that we build in Cardiff South Wales, why so many people hire us as they roofing contractor, and we will explain why we are such a popular roofing company.


What’s the most popular type of roof tile that your customers choose?

We would say that around 75% of the roofs we build are built using manmade roof tiles.  The reason for this is, this type of roof tile is low cost, so a roof can be built at an affordable price. We use builders’ merchants, that we know supply quality man-made tiles.


What’s the cheapest type of roof tile?

The cheapest types of roof tile that we offer are, man made roof tiles, concrete roof tiles, and there are some brands, which supply low-cost clay roof tiles as well.


What’s the most expensive roof tile you offer?

One of more expensive type of roof tile, is Welsh slate roof tiles, however, even though it is an expensive type of roof tile, Welsh slate is long lasting, and is top quality, so we believe its worth paying more to have a roof built using slate, we would recommend Welsh slate. Yet you can also have a roof made using Brazilian slate for example.


Do you build roofs on houses?

Yes, most of the roofs which we build, are roofs on houses. We also build roofs on commercial buildings, on summerhouses, garages, we can repair or replace any type of roof.


Do you build roofs on garages?

Yes, we can repair or replace your garage roof.


Do you build roofs on commercial buildings?

Yes, we can build flat roofs or pitched roofs on any type of commercial building, for example, a factory in Wales, might have a flat roof, made from EPDM, we can replace this type of roof. We have many roofers which work for us, which can replace the roof in a short period. We build commercial and residential roofs.


Do you guarantee the roof?

Yes, we offer different lengths of guarantee depending on whether it’s a flat roof, or whether it’s a pitched roof.

The length of the guarantee is also dependent on, which type of roof tile you choose.


Do you offer chimney repairs?

Yes, we do, often chimneys will need repointing or sometimes the chimney pots will need replacing.

We can repair your chimney.


Do you replace guttering, facia boards?

Yes, we do, sometimes guttering will fall of the roof, or facia boards which are made of wood, might be rotten, with wood worm and need replacing.

We can replace your facia boards and you’re guttering.


How much does a new roof cost?

The cost for us to build a new roof on your house, is dependent on how large the roof is, whether we are building the scaffolding, and also which type of roof tile you want.



How long will it take to build the roof?

This does depend on the size of the roof, yet we can often replace your roof in less than 2 weeks.


Can you get rid of all the waste?

Yes, we can, we can supply skips, so we can get rid of the old roof tiles, we can dispose of the wood, and tar felt as well.


Can you also include in the quote, the cost for the scaffolding?

Yes, often our customers don’t want to be ringing scaffolding companies for quotes, so often they ask us to include in our quote, the cost to supply scaffolding. We work with many scaffolding companies, and we can offer you a quote for us to build a new roof with us supplying the scaffolding, or we can just supply a quote, just to replace the roof.


Do you build loft conversions?

Yes, we do, we can also build loft conversions in Cardiff.


Would you like a new roof made using manmade roof tiles?

Man-made roof tiles are the cheapest option which roofing companies offer, often man-made roof tiles are the cheapest option, by a long way because at a builder’s merchants, man-made roof tiles are the cheapest type of roof tile. This is often why they are the most popular, because often a roof might start leaking on a property, and the homeowner just wants to buy the cheapest option. If you are looking for the lowest cost type of roof tile, then we would recommend man-made tiles.


What’s the best quality roof tile that you can offer?

We are often asked by our customers what we think, in our opinion is the best roof tile the we can offer as a company. In our opinion one of the best roof tiles that you can put on your roof is a Welsh slate roof, Welsh slate comes in two types, that is “reclaimed”, which means it has already been used on an existing roof, and brand-new Welsh slates, which are quite expensive, but very good quality.


Why choose Welsh slate?

Welsh slate is fantastic quality.

You do have to bear in mind that brand-new Welsh slates are rather expensive, for example sometimes they can be over 5 pounds per slate. Now if it’s a large roof that needs to be built, say going on a detached property within Cardiff, you can see that the cost of the Welsh slate roof tiles alone will be a lot of money, that does not include labour.

However, a lot of people in the Vale of Glamorgan, and within Cardiff still have a roof made of Welsh roof slates, even though they are sometimes five times the cost of some other types of roof tiles, because Welsh slates are proven to last a very long period of time and simply look excellent on any type of property. Whether it’s a Victorian house, a brand-new house, Welsh slate always looks brilliant on any type of house.



What are the disadvantages of choosing a concrete roof tile?

Concrete roof tiles can be brilliant quality, they can last a very long period of time and are quite cheap to purchase.

However, one of the downsides is that these types of roof tiles are very heavy, if you have one concrete roof tile in your hand, then sometimes even one roof tile can be very heavy. So when you imagine say 1000 of these roof tiles on a roof, you imagine how heavy the roof will be.

for example, if you’ve ever seen a pack of concrete roof tiles added to a van, you will see that they are very heavy and the van cannot carry that many concrete roof tiles, simply because they are such a heavy tile. So, what this means is, if you pick this type of roof tile, the roof must be able to take the weight, otherwise the roof will be dangerous, plus, it might sag, and the roof becomes structurally unsafe.

The reason that they are so heavy is because they’re made of sand water and cement, normally they are quite thick roof as well, which means that this roof tile is very heavy. So if you want a lighter roof, then we would recommend instead opting for a man made roof tile.

What the disadvantages of concrete roof tiles?

Therefore one of the disadvantages of using this type of roof tile is the weight, that is if it was to be added to some roofs, the roof might not be able to withstand all of the weight of the concrete roof tiles.

For example, the wooden supports which hold up the roof, might not be capable of withstanding the weight of a concrete roof tiles. Therefore, a Cardiff roofing company, like Kingsridge would need to come out and have a look at your roof, to see if you could have a concrete roof tile, or possibly all the timbers might need replacing, to make them stronger, so they can withstand the weight of a concrete roof tile. 


Clay roof tiles

We think that clay roof tiles look brilliant on any type of house, especially Victorian properties. Many houses in areas like Roath, in Cardiff, you have large Victorian houses, often these have a clay roof tile, and popular brands of clay roof tile, include “Rosemary Roof Tile” and “Dreadnaught Roof Tile”- this are very good quality roof tiles.  

We are a local roofing company that can build a brand-new roof using clay roof tiles.

We can also repair your roof, if it is made of clay roof tiles.


Which type of roof tile you recommend, if we want our roof to be low cost?

Your roof may have suddenly started leaking, for example after a heavy storm many roof slates might have blown off the roof, landed in the garden, and the roof may have become damaged. However, you don’t want to spend much on a brand-new roof, you want the lowest cost option that we can offer, therefore we would recommend a brand-new roof which is made using man roof tiles.

So if you want a low cost roof, we would recommend “composite roof tiles”.

We can build all of the scaffolding for you, we can get dispose of your all roof for you, that includes the roofing felt, the wood, the old roof slates, and put it in a skip for recycling, then we can replace your roof, the ridge tiles, the lead can and manmade roof tiles.

We offer very affordable prices on roofs which are made using man-made roof tiles.



Are you a highly experienced roofing contractor?

Yes, we are a highly experienced, we have experience of building quality roofs now for over 10 years, and this is not just pitched roofs, we also build flat roofs, using fibreglass, EPDM or rubber roofing, for example we have built many roofs on summerhouses, using rubber roofing. We can sometimes build a new rubber roof a summerhouse, for as low as 2.5k.

So, we can build two different types of roofs, that is a “pitched roof” and a “flat roof” , such as a fibre glass roof.

So whether you have a summerhouse, and the roof has started leaking, or you have a large Victorian house in Cardiff, and the roof is leaking on your house, we can repair or replace any type of roof.


Do you also fix chimneys? We have plants growing out of the side of our chimney?

It’s fairly common to have plants growing out of the chimney, however it’s important to get the plants  removed as soon as you can, because what can happen is that the as the roots expand through the mortar, and the roots of the plant they can jack up the bricks causing structural damage to the chimney.

The whole chimney then might need taking down, and rebuilt, yet if we were to remove the plants earlier, then your chimney might just need repointing.




How much does a brand-new roof cost?

We would need to come out and meet you, we offer free quotations in the following areas.

We offer free quotes in:

  • Cardiff
  • Vale of Glamorgan
  • Newport

Within 10 minutes of having a look at your roof, the chimney, and also the guttering we will be able to offer you a quote.




Will you be able to recommend which roof tile would be best suit our home?

Yes, we will be able to meet you, we can recommend different roofing options, for example you might want a quote for Welsh slate roof to be built, you might want a quote for a roof to be built using man made roof tiles, or you might want a quote for a roof to be built using concrete roof tiles.




Have you built many roofs in Cardiff?

Yes, we have built many roofs in Cardiff, we have built pitched roofs, we have built many flat roofs, we have built many roofs, using rubber roofing, we also built moves out of Welsh slate, Spanish slate and Brazilian slate, all of our roofs are built very competitive prices.