During a storm or just high winds, a number of roofs within Cardiff, South Wales can incur damage, this might range from rather minimal damage, such as a few roof slates becoming broken and sliding down the roof, through to complete chimneys collapsing and falling, which would require much more extensive work in order to repair.


We can repair any type of roof

We are roofing contractors, which are able to repair any type of roof, we also repair chimneys and also guttering.

We also repair roofs, in the Vale of Glamorgan, so we can repair roofs in Barry as well as in Cowbridge and also in Penarth. Our roofing company can repair any type of pitched roof, whether the pitched roof is made using clay roof tiles or perhaps it’s made using fibre cement roof tiles? We can also repair any type of flat roof, for example the flat roof might be made of fibreglass or it might be rubber roof that needs repairing?

We can repair the following types of roofs

Slate roofs

Welsh slate roofs

Brazilian slate roofs

Spanish slate roofs

Clay tile roofs

Fibre cement roofs

Fibreglass roofs

Rubber roofs

We can repair, any type of pitched or flat roof




Can you replace missing roof slates?

Yes, we can quickly replace any broken roof slates. Sometimes during very high winds, a ridge tile might become smashed, and it might roll down a roof, causing damage to roof slates. We can erect scaffolding, replace the broken ridge tiles, we can also replace any broken slates, and we will be able to advise you whether any more repair work is needed. For example, we can advise you whether the guttering and fascia board or the chimney might need repair as well.

For example, while the scaffolding is built, the homeowner might ask us to also while we’re working on their roof, to re-point the chimney as well.


Can you repair our flat roof?

Sometimes a flat roof can develop a leak, for example you might have a fibreglass roof?

A fibreglass roof has a limited lifespan, Sometimes the fibreglass can actually crack, causing water to ingress, and the wooden board which supports the roof, may get soaked with water, which can cause a leak into your house. Sometimes the OSB board, or the chipboard can get so soaking wet, that part of the roof might even collapse down, so it’s important to hire a flat roofing company to carry out roof repairs before the leak may get worse.

Flat roof repair

Sometimes a fibreglass roof, or an EPDM roof can be repaired sometimes in less than one hour by our roofers, with just a patch that use to repair the roof.


We can repair your roof, whether it’s a flat roof, or it might be a Welsh slate pitched roof?


Can you repair our chimney as well?

We most certainly can, we can build all of the scaffolding which is needed to repair your roof, and we can build scaffolding around your chimney as well, then we can bring in a bricklayer, to do the re-pointing and replacing of any missing bricks.


Chimney repointing

Sometimes, a homeowner or a landlord, might hire us to re-point a chimney, but also to remove any weeds that might be growing out of the chimney.

If weeds are growing out of your chimney, they should be removed straightaway, because as they grow,  what can happen is they start to move the bricks, the bricks might move, which might mean that some fall off the roof, which can damage the roof slates, such as the fibre cement roof slates as the bricks roll down the roof.


Can you repair our wooden fascia boards?

Yes, we can repair or replace your wooden fascia boards, sometimes let’s say on a house built during the 1980s, there might be wooden fascia boards that go around the whole of the building, these might fall down, because they have become rotten and therefore need replacing.

You might therefore wake up in the morning, and find part of the wooden fascia board has fallen down, and often enclosed within the fascia board will be a bee’s nest or a bird’s nest, we can therefore replace or repair your fascia boards.


Can you repair our cast iron guttering?

You might have, cast-iron guttering, and let’s say that the, steel supporting brackets have become highly corroded through rust, part of the guttering might fall off the roof, and the cast-iron guttering might therefore shatter on the ground.


We can repair your guttering

Therefore, you might need a roofing company, such as our roofing company in Cardiff, to come replace all of the guttering, with brand-new quality plastic guttering and downpipes.


Can you repair/replace our chimney pots?

Yes, we can, during very strong winds, it’s possible that your ridge tiles on your roof or your chimney pots might become damaged. For example the chimney pots might be blown off the roof.

When you wake up in the morning, you might therefore see a lot of clay on the ground, where the chimney pots of fallen off the roof.

We can therefore build scaffolding, and replace your chimney pots.


Can you repair our ridge tiles?

Yes, we can, during very strong gusts of wind, your ridge tiles might have fallen off the roof, we can build scaffolding and replace your ridge tiles.


Can you repair our lead flashings?

Yes, we most certainly can, sometimes lead flashings can fall off the roof because of strong winds, for example, the mortar or the cement that held the lead flashings in place on your chimney, might have come loose, and the lead has now fallen off your roof during strong winds and some of the lead might be hanging in the guttering?


We can build scaffolding, and we can repair the lead work around the chimney.


Can you re-point our entire chimney?

Yes, we can completely re-point your chimney for you.


Can you replace our TV aerial?

No, we don’t replace or repair TV aerials.


Roof repair Cardiff

So, whether your chimney needs repairing, the ridge tiles need replacing, some of the slates on your roof have fallen off, or the lead flashings have fallen off, or the guttering or the fascia board need replacing, we are roofing contractors in Cardiff that can help you.

With over 10 years of experience repairing roofs in Cardiff, we can offer you a very fair price to repair your roof, we have many good recommendations from our previous customers, and we can repair any type of roof, whether it’s a flat roof or a pitched roof, if you are looking for a roof repair company then why not call us?

Roof repairs Vale of Glamorgan

We also now repair roofs within the Vale of Glamorgan, therefore if you are looking for roofing contractor in Barry, or in Cowbridge or in the town of Penarth, then we are able to repair or replace any type of roof.

With over 10 years’ experience, we have the experience to repair any type of roof, this is often why when you drive past a house that is having its roof repaired, you may see our advertising boards? That’s Because we are such a popular roofing company, we have worked on repairing so many roofs, right across South Wales, we have a large team of roofers, so we are able to quickly get to work at repairing or replacing your roof.

We offer some of the most affordable prices in the whole of Wales.