Roof Lanterns

As we construct your brand-new flat roof, we can integrate a single or numerous roof lanterns into the rubber roofing material. This allows for an enhanced architectural feature that allows more natural light to flood the interior space.

What advantages can one expect from installing a roof lantern in their home?

Incorporating a roof lantern into your property’s extension or kitchen area, where it is embedded into the rooftop, can significantly increase the influx of natural sunlight.

By integrating a roof lantern within the rubber roofing system, it has the potential to create an atmosphere that is considerably brighter and more spacious in any given room.

What are the main benefits of incorporating roof lanterns into a flat roof ?

One of the main advantages of installing roof lanterns into your roof is its ability to transform any space, such as a family room, into a brighter and more spacious-feeling area.

Many individuals appreciate the unique feature of being able to gaze at the night sky through the roof lantern during evenings as well, taking in the beauty of the stars above.

During warm summer days, a roof lantern serves as an excellent source of natural light, making living spaces appear more brighter.

Roof Skylights

In instances where we construct a flat roof in Cardiff, which incorporates skylights or roof windows   we always ensure we purchase top quality roof skylights.  

Integrating a roof skylight is a great way to obtain natural light in your living room. For instance, instead of opting for a traditional pitched roof made of slate, which may not have any windows, you could choose a flat roof design featuring a roof skylight.

A roof which incorporates a skylight will often allow much more light into the room, creating a brighter and more spacious atmosphere within the room.

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