Whether your garage roof is made using tar, perhaps with stones embedded in the tar, or the garage roof is made using fibreglass, or perhaps it’s a pitched roof, made using rosemary roof tiles. We are a roofing company that can repair any type of pitched or flat roof. If the roof is beyond economical repair, let’s say it’s a fibreglass roof, with rotten roof timbers, then we can offer you a quote, to replace the whole roof.


How much does it cost to replace a roof on a garage?

This does depend on which type of roof you want built, for example, we can offer you a lower price to build an EPDM roof, than what it would cost to build a roof made using fibreglass. We would firstly therefore need to ascertain which type of roof you want; we do offer some of the most competitive quotes in Cardiff.


What’s cheaper to build a pitched roof or a flat roof?

So, if your thinking of whether to have a pitched roof built on your garage, using Welsh slate, or to have a flat roof, made using rubber roofing, then we always say to our customers, that flat roofing is normally much cheaper for us to build, there’s a good reason for that, with pitched roofing, structural timbers need to be built, which hold up the roof, these are sometimes called “A-frame” timbers.

All of these A-frame timbers, combined with roofing felt, ridge tiles, and then the Welsh slate, mean that building a pitched roof, normally costs much more than it would for us to build a flat roof. A flat roof, made using rubber roofing, just requires wooden joists, OSB wooden board, and then rubber roofing added to the roof.

Also, it might take us 5 days to build a pitched roof, and only 1 in comparison to a rubber roof or a EPDM roof in Cardiff, so building a pitched roof, does require a lot more labour, and this is why it costs us more to build a pitched roof onto a garage, than it does a rubber roof.


Do you build rubber roofing?

Yes, we do, whether you want a rubber roof built on your house, on an extension you’ve just had built on your house, on your garage roof, or on a summerhouse, we can build a rubber roof for you. We can build most rubber roofs in Cardiff in less than one day, we also offer very long guarantees on our rubber roofs, this is why so many homeowners, builders, and large construction companies, hire Kingsley when they want a rubber roof built. With prices starting from 2k, its clear to see, why we have built so many rubber roofs.


Do you build EPDM roofs?

Yes, we do, perhaps you have an extension on your home, where your kitchen is? Perhaps the current roof is made from fibreglass? And the fibreglass roof is 25 years old, and its starting to develop leaks, so why not hire Kingsley to replace the roof, we can take the old fibreglass roof off, and place it in a skip for you. Then we can build an EPDM roof for you, we can build most EPDM roofs in less than one day. We have built many EPDM flat roofs in Cardiff, and offer low prices.


Can you build a pitched roof on our garage?

Yes, we can, perhaps you’ve just had the brick work and the block work and the concrete base built by a builder? Now you’re looking for a roofing company to build a pitched roof.

Our roofing company can build a pitched roof onto your garage, we can build the roof using concrete, slate or clay roof tiles.

We can build most pitched roofs in less than 5 days, we can also build pitched roofs on houses, on summerhouses. So, if you’re looking for a roofing contractor to build a new pitched roof, or a flat roof, then why not call us. With a large team of roofers, we can build any roof quickly, whether the roofs made from man-made roof tiles, or you would like a rubber roof built, all our roofs are built quickly.


Do you offer a guarantee on the flat roofs you built?

Yes, we do, we offer guarantee on all the flat roofs we build, whether the roof is made from EPDM, or fibreglass, or it’s a pitched roof, made using rosemary roof tiles, we offer a guarantee on every roof we build.


How much does it cost to build a new EPDM roof onto a garage roof?

Prices vary between 2k and 7k, it does depend on the size of the garage roof. Plus, also we can install the plastic soffits, and guttering as well, this will cost more.

Our roofing company offers free quotes, so whether it’s a slate roof, or a rubber roof, we can offer you a free quote.


Can you also repair flat roofs?

Yes, we do, sometimes a flat roof, with simply need a small patch added, to stop the roof from leaking. However, this work should be carried out as soon as you spot a leak, because if the leak is left, it can cause the wooden beams, the osb board, to rot, this might cause sometimes the roof to become structurally unsafe.

So, we can also offer to repair your flat roof, we repair fibreglass roofs, roofs made using felt, and we also repair rubber roofs. Sometimes we can repair a flat roof for less than £300.00, if wooden joists and osb boarding need replacing it will cost more. Sometimes, the leak, will have caused the wooden joists to rot, or incur wood worm, sometimes the roof will be beyond economical repair. If your flat roof is beyond economical repair, we can offer you a quote, to replace your roof.