In this blog post, we will talk about how install box profile roofing sheets. This detailed guide offers you comprehensive insights, evidence-based facts, and intriguing statistics. We will explain how to install box profile roofing sheets



Which areas do you build roofing?

We build domestic and commercial roofs, we build our roofs in Cardiff, yet our roofers can also build roofs anywhere in the United Kingdom. We therefore build a lot different types of roof, ranging from adding a new roof onto a house, using man made roof tiles, through to adding a metal box profile roof sheets.

We are a Welsh roofing company that has built many commercial roofs, and domestic roofs.

Have you built many commercial roofs?

Yes, whether it be a supermarket, a factory a industrial unit, we can build a quality roof for you.

So, if you’re looking for a Cardiff roofing company, why look any further that Kingsridge roofing.


Can you arrange for the scaffolding to be built?

Most certaintly whether we are building a new roof on a house, or we are building a new roof on large factory, we can build all of the scaffolding for you.


Does the box profile roofing come in different colours?

Yes it does, popular colours are green, dark blue and white.


Do you offer free quotes?

Yes we do, we offer free roofing quotes throughout the U.K. Most of the roofs we build are in Cardiff, South Wales, Newport and Bristol.


Are you Cardiff roofing contractors that have built many steel roofs?

Yes, we have built many steel roofs, we can also build flat roofs, for example roofs made using fibreglass or rubber roofing. We build a pitched roof also, using clay roof tiles, we can also offer man made roof tiles, we can also offer concrete roof tiles.

We have built many roofs in South Wales. We always build top quality roofs, whether they are made of steel roof sheets, rubber roofing, fibreglass, we always build top quality roofs.


Do you build flat roofs?

Have you got enough staff to build a large roof?

Can you write the method statements and risk assessments for us?



What are box profile roofing?

Box profile roofing sheets, with their distinctive contours, are used on factories, farm buildings and a lot of commercial buildings such as industrial units. Yet box profile sheets can also be used on garage roofs, so they are a popular choice for both domestic and industrial structures, known for their strength, longevity, and visual appeal (source). The sheets’ unique design enhances their structural durability, they allow large amount of rain water to run off quickly, and because of the powder coated paint, they are long lasting, the roof sheets should also be galvanised, so they more resistant to rust. Box profile sheets, are designed  to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as a lot of rain, and offering superior resistance to corrosion (statistics).


How do you install box profile roof sheets

 The process of installing box profile roofing sheets is relatively easy,  yet you must always make sure that you have scaffolding, and the roof is being built by a roofing contractor. The work begins with preparation – measuring the roof area accurately is key to avoid unnecessary waste and complications during the installation.  The reason we say the roof area needs to be measured carefully is because metal roof sheets are quite expensive, if you buy a quality brand, they are quite expensive to purchase.

Precision in measurement significantly reduces costs of the roof, because there’s likely to be less offcuts (source). In terms of equipment, it’s important to have a pair of gloves, a tape measure, and a suitable cutting tool, such as a circular saw. Correctly handled, these tools enable a smooth and efficient installation process.

The Installation Process: When it comes to the installation itself, safety should always be the top priority. We can arrange for scaffolding to be built, so we can build the roof safely. (source). It’s also crucial to ensure that the roofing sheets are aligned correctly – a process that requires patience and attention to detail. Misalignment of the roof sheets can lead to leakages.


 After successful installation of the roof sheets, it’s important to carry out periodic checks in order to maintain the roof’s longevity. Keep an eye out for any signs of wear and tear and corrosion, or misalignment.


Why choose us to build your roof?

The process of installing box profile roofing sheets, requires an experienced roofing company, we have built many flat and pitched roofs.

Remember that the essence of successful roof installation lies in meticulous preparation, safety compliance, and ongoing maintenance.

We can take care of everything for you, we can build all the scaffolding, and our highly experienced roofers can build the roof for you.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q):

  1. What are box profile roofing sheets? Box profile roofing sheets are metal roof sheets with unique contours, these type of roof sheets are popular for their strength, longevity, and they can last a long period of time. They used on a huge range of different buildings, ranging from farm buildings, through to huge warehouses.


  1. What safety measures should be taken during installation? Scaffolding is absolutely essential, you need an experienced roofing company like ours, we have a huge number of highly experienced roofers working for us. We can use scissor lifts, and we can build your roof quickly.