Our company specialises in building what is called rubber roof’s. You’ve most probably heard of fibreglass roofs, and you’ve most definitely heard of slate roofs, right?

A lot of people now want rubber roofs built, in the last 10 years, rubber roofing has become very popular. However, there is often the misconception, that this type of roofing is extremely costly, however in matter of fact you can sometimes help to save you money.

So, we thought we would write a quick blog post, explaining how we calculate how much it costs for us to build a rubber roof.


Do you have much experience of building rubber roofs?

Yes, we are one of the most experienced companies within Cardiff, installing rubber roofs. We don’t just install rubber roofs onto houses, and property extensions, we can also fit them onto large commercial buildings such as a supermarket, a warehouse or a factory. We have a huge team of roof is that now work for us, so we can build any type of roof quickly. Also, we offer a guarantee of every single roof that we build.


We are having a new property extension build onto our house, in Cardiff, would you recommend a rubber roof to be added to a property extension?

Yes, we would say the vast majority of rubber roofs that our company constructs, are for installing onto a property extension. For example you might have had a large property extension added onto your house, so that you could extend the size of your kitchen or your dining room area. You are now looking for a long-lasting roof, that needs very little maintenance, which can be offered at a affordable price and can be built very quickly, we would recommend a rubber roof.

We can install rubber roofs with prices starting from as little as 2 ½ thousand pounds.

Do you offer a guarantee on your rubber roofs?

Are we building a rubber roof or replacing an existing flat roof?

Sometimes the timber joists which support your roof, might well be in good condition, they might for example be made from pressure treated timber, which is in very good condition and can therefore be reused. This will substantially lower the cost, for us to build your roof, because we can simply just replace the wooden board, which is referred to as the OSB board, and then add the rubber roofing on top of that.
If we need to replace the wooden joists, then the cost for us to build the roof will increase, and quite substantially, because we will then need to install new wooden joists, and also add new wooden board on top. Sometimes we will also replace the plastic fascia boards and the guttering.

How large is the roof?

We calculate our costs based on how many square metres the roof will need to cover, if it’s a large roof it will cost more.

Would you like an aluminium roof lantern fitted?

It will cost more for us to fit an aluminium roof lantern; however, we think it’s well worth the extra expense. For example, when you add a roof lantern, or if it’s a large roof you might add let’s say three roof lanterns, these can allow a lot of natural light to flood the room below. Just imagine how much you will save on not having to switch the lights on as much during the day?

For example, some people within Cardiff have huge extensions added to their house, but sometimes not much natural light will come into the extension, meaning that the homeowner is to have the lights on when they are using the room.

However, if you were to have roof lanterns fitted to the roof, then this can allow more natural light to come into the room.
We can supply, we can also fit the roof lanterns, depending on how many roof lanterns you would like, this will dictate how much it’s cost us to build the roof, complete with the roof lanterns.

Are we supplying the scaffolding?

Whether it’s a flat roof, or perhaps we are building a pitched roof using clay roof tiles, we will often need scaffolding. Sometimes the builder, who might already be working on the property, might have already arranged for the scaffolding to be built, however sometimes, our customers will want us to supply the scaffolding.

There are two types of scaffolding, there is the scaffolding which can completely wrap around your house, but there is also the scaffolding that can offer temporary roof onto your house.

We work with many scaffolding companies, here in South Wales, and we can offer a very competitive price to you to build a new roof and also supply and build the scaffolding.

Do you just build rubber roofing?

No, we can also build fibreglass roofing, we also build every single type of tile roofing as well. We are therefore a Cardiff roofing company that can build everything from Welsh slate roofs, through to building flat roofs, such as, fibreglass roofs.

Flat roofing Cardiff

we build flats roofs, though we can also repair any type of flat roof, for example, you might have a large rubber roof fitted onto the extension on your house. However, the rubber membrane might have become punctured, let’s say a window cleaner has walked across it and punctured the rubber membrane, we can offer a price to repair your rubber roof.

We can put a patch onto the section which need to repairing, we offer roof repair prices starting from just £250.

Do you need a rubber roof or another type of flat roof built within Wales?

We are roofing contractors, which travel all over South Wales, building flat roofs, including rubber roofing and fibreglass roofing. We offer some of the most competitive prices that you will find.

So, if you would like a quote for any of the following types of roofing why not call us?

  • Fibreglass roofing
    rubber roofing
    tar felt roofing
    we can also build the following types of pitch roofing
    Welsh slate roofs
    roofs made using fibre cement roof tiles
    clay roof tiles
    thatched roofs