You might have been living in your property for say well over 20 years, and the roof might have needed no repair work whatsoever during that time. However, one night, during a particularly heavy storm, multiple slates might have come loose, ridge tiles might have flown off the roof, and chimney pots might’ve smashed in your garden.

So, your roof might need extensive repair work, or alternatively it might brand-new roof constructed.

Well, you most definitely come to the right place, we employ highly experienced roofers, our highly experienced roofers can build any type of roof, that’s from a roof that is made using man-made tiles, right through to a roof that made using concrete roof tiles.

Whether it’s just a few ridge tiles then need replacing, or you own a five-bedroom house in Llandaff Cardiff, and you need a brand-new Welsh slate roof built we can help.


How much does a new roof cost, to build in the city of Cardiff?

The price for us to build a brand-new roof, will depend on which type of roof tile you choose. The price of different roof tiles varies massively, for example some roof tiles can be bought for less than a pound per roof tile, and some can cost well over 6 pound per tile.

So as you can imagine if we are putting a new roof, 75 bedroom detached property in St Mellons Cardiff, the cost is going to be massively different between if we choose a man-made roof tile which cost less than a pound per tile, compared to whether we use a Welsh slate tile think sometimes cost of the 6 pound per roof tile.

Therefore, we will need to know which type of roof tile you would like.

Can you supply and build all of the scaffolding that will be needed?

Yes, we work with many scaffolding contractors, that we know will quickly build the scaffolding, and can offer you a very good price to build the scaffolding.

Once the scaffolding has been built, and the skips have been delivered, we can get to work straightaway on taking off your old roof and replacing it with brand-new roof tiles.

We’ll also replace the roof baton?

We most certainly can, whenever we are adding a new roof to a house we will throw the old wooden roof batten in a skip, and that brand-new wooden roof batten.

Often the timber is made from pressure treated timber, which simply means that the roof batten will last a long period of time.

So, when we are adding new roof batten onto a roof, we always use pressure treated timber.

Do you offer free quotations?

Yes, we do, we offer free quotations in the evenings on the weekends and during the day. If your roof is started leaking water, we will try to get to you as soon as we possibly can.

If you accept the quote, we will then arrange for scaffolding to be built as quickly as possible, so that we can get up onto the roof and fix the leak.

Have you built many roofs in Cardiff?

Yes, we have already built many flat roofs as well as many pitched roofs in Cardiff.

Can you replace the ridge tiles as well?

Yes, we can, when we build a new roof, we always add new ridge tiles.

Can you replace our fascia boards?

Yes, if you want us to, we can replace the fascia boards and the plastic guttering.


Do you have many roofers working for you?

Yes, we have many highly experienced roofers working for us, our roofers have built many pitched roofs and many flat roofs.


Do you offer finance on a new roof?

No currently be don’t offer finance.


What’s the cheapest roof tile to buy?

By far, the cheapest type of tile the we can buy, is what is called a man-made roof tile. This is still a very good type of roof tile, however it’s man-made, so it’s not like a Welsh slate roof targets a hundred percent made of slate, instead man-made roof tiles are manufactured.

The vast majority of the houses, the we build a new roof onto, have a new roof that made using man-made roof tiles. The reason for this is when you opt to have a roof made using man-made roof tiles it helps to keep the cost down, and often our customers want the cheapest option that we can offer so they opt for man-made roof tiles.

What’s the most expensive type of roof that you can build?

The most expensive type of roof tile that we can offer, is Welsh slate, but there is a good reason why this roof tile is so expensive, because it simply brilliant quality, long-lasting and looks brilliant on any type of roof.

Can you build a new roof using clay roof tiles?

Yes, we have built many roofs, throughout Cardiff, using clay roof tiles. For example, in the area of Cyncoed and Whitchurch which are both areas in Cardiff, a lot of houses in this area, have a roof which is made from clay roof tiles.

There are some manufacturers, the manufacture clay roof tiles and they are brilliant quality, the last of very long period of time, and they can really enhance the appearance of a house, a lot of expensive homes in Cardiff will have a roof made using clay roof tiles.

We can add a new roof to your house, made using clay roof tiles, we can also recommend some top-quality brands, so that there are roof tiles last a long period of time.