Flat roofs are built on a wide range of buildings, many garages have a flat room, summerhouses and property extensions. Yet flat roofs can also be made from a wide range of different roofing, for example, fibreglass, steel, rubber roofing.

The cost therefore to repair or completely replace a flat roof, does depend on what the roofs made from. 

In this article we will explain the types of flat roofs we build and repair in Cardiff, which ones we recommend, and the pros and the cons of choosing each type of flat roof.


Which types of flat roofs do you build?

We build:

  • EPDM roofs
  • Fibreglass roofs
  • Rubber roofs
  • We build tar felt roofs
  • We build steel sheet roofs
  • We also build pitched roofs, using man-made roof tiles, clay roof tiles, and slate.


Rubber roofing (the option we would recommend)


Fibreglass roofing and felt roofing, they have been around for donkey’s years, and some builders continue to use this type of roofing, as its what they know, and what they have experience of building. However, many roofers, and our roofing company have switched to mainly building rubber roofing, on flat roofs, because its affordable, quick to build, and the most important thing is, its long lasting when its built right.

If you do opt for a rubber roof, then we would recommend hiring a company that has built many rubber roofs, because even though this type of roof is made using a simple method, of wooden joists, osb board, and then covering it with rubber, it has to be built right, that’s because if the smallest of cuts develop in the rubber, let’s say because a joist moves, then this causes the osb board to move, and the rubber roofing rips, then this will cause water to leak into the home.

It’s important therefore that the rubber roof is built by roofers, who are highly experienced at building rubber roofs. We have built many EPDM roofs across Cardiff, South Wales. We build rubber roofs for residential customers and businesses. We offer guarantees on every roof we build.


How much does a new rubber roof cost?

This does depend on the size of the roof, our estimator can meet you, we will measure the size of the roof, and we will get a quote back to you as soon as we can. If the rubber roof we are building is simple, sometimes our estimator can offer you a quote there and then, if it’s a bigger roof, then we will need to get back to you with a quote.

Can you also replace the facia boards, and guttering when you’re building our rubber roof?


Yes, when we offer you a quote to build your rubber roof, we can offer you a quote as well, to replace the facia boards and also the guttering.


Do you build fibreglass roofs?

Yes, we do, we can build a new fibreglass roof for you. If you would like a fibreglass roof built, or a fibreglass roof repaired, then why not call us today?

We build flat roofs in Cardiff and Newport in Wales.


We have a leaking flat roof; can you repair our flat roof?

Yes, we can, we repair any type of flat roof, whether you have a fibreglass roof, tar felt roof, or a rubber roof we can repair it.


Can you also add a roof lantern to our flat roof?

Many people in Cardiff, when they are having a new roof built, will want our roofers to also install a roof lantern. We can offer you a quote, to install a roof lantern, we can offer you a quote build a roof with a roof lantern, and also a quote to build a new rubber roof without a roof lantern, so that you can compare the costs.

We would recommend adding a roof lantern, because it’s a great way of getting more sun light into the roof.


We have a leak on our garage roof, can you repair it?

We can repair any type of flat roof, whether its made from felt, rubber roofing or fibreglass. Sometimes the wooden board underneath the rubber roofing may be rotten, sometimes its best then to replace the whole roof. For example, a water leak may have rotten the wooden joists which hold up the roof, sometimes its better to replace the whole roof, because sometimes wood worm can weaken parts of the roof. We can therefore when we meet you and have a look at the roof, we can recommend whether its better for Cardiff roofers to replace the roof, or to repair it.

Sometimes, if the leak has just formed, then it might be a simple repair, however if the roof has been leaking for some time, the wooden joists might be rotten and therefore need replacing.


Do you need a new roof built in Cardiff?

We have built many roofs in Cardiff, our roofing company can build pitched roofs, as well as flat rooms like epdm roofs. We offer free quotes, so if your roof needs repairing or replacing why not call us.