Your current roof, might on the whole might be in good condition? However, some parts of the roof, might need repairing, such as the facia boards, ridge tiles, or the flashings? For example, the lead flashing might be coming away from the bottom of the chimney, or part of the fascia board, made of wood might have rotted away and is now hanging off the roof.

So now weighing up, is it worth, repairing those part of the roof, or completely replacing the roof and having say a new roof built?

Roofing advice

So, we thought we would write a rather handy guide, which explains some of the roofing services which we can offer, some of the prices, and why hundreds of homeowners every year, call us to build commercial roofs, residential roofs, and this includes new flat roofs.

First things first, which areas to build roofs in?

The vast majority of the pitched and flat roofs we build, are in the city of Newport, that’s in South Wales as well as within the city of Cardiff as well. With a team of over 10 full time roofers, we are constantly building new roofs throughout the year, whether its winter or summer.

We build hundreds of new roofs every year

You might have already drove past, one of our roofing contracts? We normally have large banners added to the scaffolding and you may have seen us working on a road near you in Cardiff.

Have you seen the KingsRidge logo on our scaffolding within Wales?


What’s the cheapest type of roof you build?

Sometimes, the customer will start to see signs of damp getting worse on an internal ceiling within their house. This might start as small damp patch, but get worse and worse, so shouldn’t be ignored. This could be because of internal plumbing that has started to leak, such as from the houses main hot water tank, or “header tank”- yet it could also be because of leaking roof, which is now causing-black spores on an internal ceiling within their house.

Our roofing company can go onto your roof, and inspect inside your loft, to see what’s causing the leak. Within less than 30 mins, quite often, we can advise the homeowner whether a new roof is recommend, or alternatively the roof might just need roof repairs, such as to the ridge tiles, the lead flashing, or perhaps roof slates are missing and need replacing.

We want a roof constructed , but we need the lowest cost roofing option you offer- what can you offer?

We can offer some affordable types of roofs, (fibre cement and rubber roofing) for example we can build a new roof, using what is called “fibre cement roof slates,” and use clay ridge tiles and we can also replace the guttering as well using plastic guttering. If you were to opt for fibre cement roof tiles, these are a fraction of the price of choosing other types of roof tiles, for example natural slate, which is mined in North Wales, this type of slate is very high quality, but it is much more expensive than fibre cement roof tiles.
So if your pitched roof needs replacing, we would recommend fibre cement roof tiles, if you want the lowest cost option we offer.

How much does a new roof cost?

This does depend on the size of the roof we are building, whether we are supplying the scaffolding, and waste skips. The type of roof tile that you select will influence the price as well, some roof tiles cost less than £1.00 to buy, others can cost in excess of £7.00 per tile. There are therefore low cost roof tiles, and then there’s the more expensive options, such as natural slate, which does cost more, but also can last a very long period of time.

Prices for our Cardiff roofing company to build a new roof typically vary between 5000 and 11,000 to build a new roof. However, we would need to come out and to offer you a quote, all of our quotes that we offer, our offers free of charge.

We offer free quotes within the city of Newport as well as the city of Cardiff.


Do you build flat roofs?

We most certainly do, we build what are called “rubber roofs”, we offer some of the most competitive prices to build this type of roof.


How much do roof repairs cost?

This does depend on what type of roof you have, whether it’s pitched or a flat roof we are building, as well as which type of roof tile you select.

Roof repairs range anywhere between £500 and £5000 and we offer many different types of roof repairs, ranging from chimney repairs, through to replacing the plastic guttering and downpipes, through to replacing any broken slates.