Cardiff, in South Wales, like most capital cities has thousands of properties, yet these properties will have a wide range of different roofs. Some houses will have a Welsh slate roof, which is our favourite type of roof. Others will have a roof made of concrete roof tiles, others will have a roof it’s made using asbestos slates, which are no longer used in the construction industry. Some other businesses will use man-made roof tiles.

Your roof might have developed a leak, for example the lead flashing, around the chimney, may have fallen off, or come loose from the chimney. Water might be now running down the chimney into the house.


Which type of roof tile would you like?

Man-made roof tiles

the vast majority of the roofs that we construct, we would say over 75%, of the roofs that we build on houses, are made using what are called man-made roof tiles. This is simply a black roof tile, that is very thin and quite strong. Man-made roof tiles can be bought at a builder’s merchants cheaply; therefore we can build a new roof on your house for a low-cost.

So if you are looking for a Cardiff roofer, that can build a new roof on your house at an affordable price, then why look any further than our roofing business?


Concrete roof tiles

sometimes you will need your roof replaced, have the same type of roof tiles to be used again, because you need them to interlock with next doors roof.

So, for example, your neighbour might have a roof, that’s made using concrete roof tiles, and there are many different types, therefore our roofing company will need to replace your roof with the same type of roof tiles that your neighbour has, so that the roof tiles can interlock and be watertight.

We would say concrete roof tiles are somewhere in the middle in terms of cost, not the most expensive option but the not the cheapest option neither.


Welsh slate

We think, that one of the best, types of roof tile, that money can buy, is Welsh slate. We think the Welsh slate is simply amazing, it’s long-lasting, it’s durable and it looks great on whatever type of house that you added to. For example, whether you’re building, a brand-new house, let’s say a five bedroom detached house, that has smooth rendered walls, you can add a Welsh slate roof to that and it still simply looks brilliant.

Also, you might have a house in Penarth, that’s in the Vale of Glamorgan, it might be a five-bedroom detached Victorian house, that are well over a hundred years old, and you can add a Welsh slate roof onto that house and it will look amazing. We therefore think, that Welsh slate, is the best that money can buy. So, if you are looking for a roofing company, to build a Welsh slate roof, why not call us?


Rubber roofing

Alternatively, the extension on the back of your house might have started leaking, for example the extension might be where you have your kitchen. Therefore, it’s important, to call a Cardiff roofing contractor, that can replace the flat roof, and replace it with a brand-new fibreglass roof, or a brand-new rubber roof or a brand-new felt roof.

We have built many flat roofs, we can therefore replace, or repair your flat roof in a short period of time. Because we have so many roofers which work for us, we have over 10 roofers working for us on a full-time basis, we can replace most flat roofs within a day.


Epdm roofing

We can also repair, or replace an EPdm. roof


Why should we pick your roofing company?

When you hire us, to replace your roof, we can manage the whole process, we can arrange for the skip to be delivered, we can arrange for the scaffolding to be built around your house. We can replace your roof, we can replace the fascia boards, we can replace the guttering, we can arrange for the skip to be taken away in the scaffolding taken down afterwards.

Plus, because we have so many roofers, we have a huge team, which means that we can replace your roof, or repair your roof sometimes much quicker than some other roofing companies. Plus, we can replace your guttering and also your fascia boards. The main reason why so many homeowners, as well as businesses hire us to replace their roof is because we offer very long guarantees on the roofs that we build.


Emergency repairs

sometimes you can have a roof for over 25 years and there won’t be any problems whatsoever, however sometimes a really strong storm can sweep across Cardiff, and in just one night, thousands of properties can become damaged.

For example, it might only take a handful of roof slates, to come off the roof for a major leak to develop, and for the internal ceilings which are often made from plasterboard, can become drenched in water and fall down into the rooms, along with the fibreglass lagging causing huge property damage.

You therefore need a roofing company, the can quickly build scaffolding, and can quickly start work on repairing your roof.

We can do this, we have a large team of roofers, we can get the scaffolding built very quickly, then our large team of roofers can get a work on repairing your roof.


How long will it take you to replace our roof?

We can often build most new roofs in less than two weeks; however, it does depend on the type of roof tile that we are using. For example, it take us much longer to build a new roof using clay roof tiles, because the clay roof tiles are often much smaller when compared to other types of roof tile such as Welsh slate, so building the roof does take us longer to build.

However, most roofs can be built in less than two weeks, after the scaffolding has been built.


When you offer a quote, does this include to take away the waste?

Yes, when we offer you a quote, to replace your roof, we can include within the quote the price for us to place a skip on your driveway. All of the waste will then go into the skip, that is the old roof tiles, the old wooden battening, and also the old felt. Sometimes, if the roof is large, we might need to order three skips, but this will be included within the quote.


Have you built many roofs within Cardiff?

Yes, we have built many roofs, we have built new roofs on many houses, we have built the roofs using concrete roof tiles, using Welsh slate, and also using man-made roof tiles.

We have therefore replaced many roofs on many houses right throughout Cardiff.


Does your roofing company employ many roofers?

Yes, we do, we employ over 10 full-time roofers which work for us.


We work nine till five are you able to offer us a quote in the evening?

Yes, we can offer you a roofing quote in the evening if that’s more convenient for you?

We know that it’s more convenient for a lot of our customers to obtain a quote in the evening, so we travel to Barry, in the Vale of Glamorgan, we travel to Penarth, in the Vale of Glamorgan we also offer free quotes in Cardiff. So, if you live, in any of these areas, and you would like a free quote to have either a pitched roof or to have a flat roof constructed then why not call us. We are roofing contractors the can offer you a competitive price, to replace or repair your roof


Alternatively, you might have concrete roof tiles, that have cracked, that are now letting water to ingress into the roof.

Alternatively, you might have a roof that’s made from asbestos roof tiles, that are cracked, and also you might want to have the asbestos roof tiles removed, to help sell your house. As some buyers might be apprehensive, about buying a house that has a roof with asbestos roof tiles.


How much does a new roof cost to build?

The first thing that we need to ascertain, is which roof tiles you would like, because roof tiles vary massively in price, you can buy a roof tile for as little as 75p per tile, however the more expensive roof tiles, can cost 5 pounds per roof tile. So when you are buying say 2 ½ thousand, roof tiles you can see how the price can vary massively, depending on which type of roof tile that you would like.

If you want the lowest price that we can offer, then we would say that you should opt for man-made roof tiles.


Why are man-made roof tiles the cheapest option that you offer?

Man-made roof tiles, are substantially cheaper to buy, when compared for example to Welsh slate. So, if the customer is looking to have their roof replaced, on their house, and they are looking for the cheapest option that our roofing company can offer, we would often recommend that the homeowner chooses man-made roof tiles.


The size of a house

how much it costs us to replace the roof, will depend on the size of the house. For example, it will be a lot cheaper for us to replace the roof on a two-bedroom terraced house, than it would to replace the roof on a five-bedroom detached house.


Do you need new guttering and fascia board?

Often, on a lot of houses, the wooden fascia board, can by woodworm, and the woods can become rotten. So not only will the roof need replacing, but also all of the fascia board, all of the plastic guttering. Therefore, when we are offering you a quote, to replace your roof, we can also include within the quote, to replace all of the guttering and all of the fascia board as well at the same time.


Cardiff roofing

You may have seen us working on your street?

Alternatively, you may have seen one of our many vans in Cardiff?

That’s because we are a large roofing business, we build roofs for homeowners, we have built roofs for many businesses and we can also build roofs on buildings such as churches.

Our highly experienced roofers, have built rooms using Welsh slate, clay tiles, concrete roof tiles and also have built roofs using metal box profile sheeting, as well as also building rubber roof on a wide range of different buildings.

We are roofing contractors that have a huge amount of experience, building pitched roofs, and also flat roofs as well.


Do you offer free quotations?

Yes, we do we offer free quotations, and once we have met, and had a look at your roof, we will aim to get a quote back to you within 48 hours. If it’s a large roof, for example a construction company is building a new supermarket, and they would like us to build the roof, then it will take us longer to get back to you with a quote, sometimes we might need over a week in order to calculate a quote.

With a full-time estimator, working for us, we will aim to get a roofing quote over to you as soon as we possibly can.