Flat Roofing

Whether your roof is leaking quite badly on your garage or perhaps you’ve just had a property extension added onto your house- you might now be looking for a local roofing company, which can repair or completely replace the roof, we can help.



Why should we choose your roofing company?

·        Large team of roofers

·        We build every type of roof

·        We are rubber roof specialists

·        Every roof comes with a super long guarantee

·        We only use top quality brands of rubber roofing

·        We have highly experienced roofers working for us

·        We build roofs for commercial and domestic


There are so many Cardiff roofing companies to choose from, so why pick your business?

We are Cardiff roofing contractors which have many very highly skilled roofers working for us, our roofers have built countless Welsh slate roofs, fibre cement roofs, as well as many clay roofs.

So, if you’re on Google or Bing, and your looking for “local roofing companies” why not call us? We have been building quality roofs both pitched and flat in Wales for over 7 years. We can take care of everything for you, from erecting the scaffolding, through to taking the old roof away at the end, and placing it all in a skip, so your old roof tiles can be recycled.



We are a highly experienced roofing company

What are the main benefits of choosing a rubber roof?

A rubber roof is relatively simple in terms of how it’s constructed, for example, often only wooden joists (made with pressure treated timber), with OSB board, fixed to the top of the wooden joists via wood screws. Then quality rubber roofing should be added it to the surface, is all it takes to build a high-quality long-lasting rubber roof.

Our roofers can build rubber roofs quickly, as they have now built so many in Cardiff, we have built many EPDM roofs in Cardiff.

And we have built many of these, we have built a huge number of EPDM roofs within the city of Cardiff, in matter of fact we have built countless rubber roof- we have built EPDM roofs on garages, on houses and also on many commercial buildings.



Which type of buildings can you build a rubber EPDM roof onto?

We can build an EPDM roof onto:


We can also repair any type of flat roof


How much does a rubber roof cost per square metre to build?

We will need to come out and have a look at the building where the roof needs to be built onto, then we can offer you a quote normally within 48 hours. We offer free roofing quotes, to build domestic roofs and commercial roofs.



Would you like the fascia boards, as well as the uttering replaced as well?

We can also completely remove the old facia boards and guttering.

Do you offer a long guarantee on every single flat roof construct?

Yes, we do.

This is why you may have seen o many of our vans, that is our Ford transit vans driving around Cardiff with our logo on the side, because we are now a large Cardiff roofing company. That’s because, we offer a guarantee on each roof that we construct, this is one of the reasons why we are such a popular roofing company, whether we are building a pitched roof, or flat roof we offer a guarantee on every roof .  


What about the scaffolding?

If scaffolding is required, we can include the cost of building the scaffolding within our quote if you would like us to?

Sometimes the property owner, or the construction company, will have already hired their own scaffolding contractor, therefore sometimes we are able to use the scaffolding which has already been built.

If not, and there’s no scaffolding that’s been built, then we can offer you quote to build the scaffolding and then for us to repair or replace the roof. It’s of paramount importance that quality scaffolding is constructed, this is so the workers, such as our roofers,  have a safe working platform so that they can then build your new roof.

No roofers, or anybody doing DIY work on their roof, should ever attempt to fix their roof, without having strong and well-built scaffolding built so that the workers have a platform to work on.


Which type of flat roof would you recommend?

A lot of people know what fibreglass roofing is, because it’s been around for such a long period of time.

In matter-of-fact fibreglass roofing has now been used since around 1970s, so a lot of people will have owned a house that has a fibreglass roof, either on the house itself, or perhaps on a garage, or your summerhouse may even have a fibreglass roof?

A fibreglass roof often lasts quite a long period of time- so you might think our roofing company would automatically opt to have a fibreglass flat roof?

However instead, what we would highly recommend opting for a “rubber roof”- we think a rubber roof is simply better in so many different ways when compared to a fibreglass roof.

The problem with fibreglass roofing is that, the resins, that’s the glues and chemicals that the resins which go into making the fibreglass, sometimes they can dry up, sometimes in extremely bright sunlight, say on a very hot summers day the fibreglass roof can start to break apart and to even crack.

This will inevitably lead to water leaks developing within the house or the garage, or within the garden room.


We think rubber roofing is the best option when you need to replace your flat roof

So, this is why we often recommend instead, opting for “rubber roofing”, it’s a much simpler construction, just made of one big piece of rubber, the rubber can then stretch the entire size of the garden room, or which ever building its being built upon. If the roof is very large, then pieces of rubber can be bonded together, using glue.


Hire an experienced roofing company, hire the best, hire Kingsridge

Rubber roofing only lasts a long period of time, if it’s well built, if it’s constructed to a high standard.

Sometimes some roofing companies use thin wooden joists, the problem with this is they can buckle under the weight of the roof, especially if theres a lot of snow fall.


Therefore roof which we build are very strong roofs.

What are the value of the roofs that you build within Cardiff, South Wales, United Kingdom?

The value of the rubber roofing contracts that we build, can range in value, from a simple repair that my take us less than an hour to do, this might just cost £200 to fix, right through to undertaking £5 million pound roofing contracts, which might be to replace a roof on a huge warehouse somewhere in Wales, and this might take several months to build the new roof.



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