What’s for sure is that broken or missing roof slates should never be ignored, some homeowners might think, well there’s no leaks at the moment, so choose to ignore the missing roof slates. Yet what can happen is a water starts to rot the structural timber, and might actually be causing the fibreglass in the roof to become saturated with water. So then sometimes, during say a storm, with a lot of rain fall the whole ceiling could come down. So missing roof slates should never ever be ignored.


Roof repair Cardiff

We have very highly experienced roofers working for us, so whether it’s the whole roof which needs replacing, and scaffolding built all around the house, or just a few roofing slates have come loose, then we can carry out roof repairs for you. We have many roofers working for us, so we can repair your roof whether its made from clay, from slate or from man-made roof tiles. We can offer a very competitive price to repair your roof.

We can also repair flat roofs, for example you might have a fibreglass roof on your garage, we can repair your flat roof. If the roof is beyond repair, for example all of the wooden board which holds the whole roof up, is rotten, and it may have wood worm, then the flat roof may need replacing, we can offer you a very competitive price to repair or replace your flat roof. We can build a flat roof using fibreglass, tar felt or rubber roofing. We are Cardiff roofing contractors, that have over 10 years’ experience, building quality rubber roofs. For example, we often recommend rubber roofs if you are having a garden room built, because roofs last a very long time, if they are built correctly.


Do you offer emergency calls outs?

Yes we do, sometimes, lets say after a storm, a roof before the storm may have been in good condition, yet the storm has caused chimney pots to fall off the roof, for slates to slip off the roof, and for ridge tiles to become broken and fall off the roof, we are a roofing company that can offer emergency calls outs, one of very friendly staff, will aim to get your house as soon as we can, and we will often be able to offer quote there and then, and then if you accept we can get straight on the phone to a scaffolding company to see how quick they can come and build the scaffolding, so that we can start to repair your roof for you.

Because we have such a large team of roofers, they quickly get to work on building the roof, that’s fitting the lead flashing, fixing the broken chimney pots, installing new ridge tiles, any broken slates will be replaced. Or perhaps you want a whole new roof built?

We can offer to build a new roof, using man-made slates, using concrete tiles, or clay tiles, we can also lay new felt, and also new baton, and we can also offer as well chimney repairs.


Do you offer to chimney repairs?

Yes, we can build new roofs, and we can also repair your chimney for you. Sometimes, a homeowner may want the chimney removed, we can erect scaffolding, and we can fully remove your chimney for you. We can also repoint your chimney, because sometimes the old mortar can be washed away, for example your house may over 100 years, and with rain and wind the mortar between the bricks can be washed away, we can repoint your whole chimney, we can erect scaffolding, and we put cement in between the bricks to repoint the chimney, this can hold the bricks in place, but also prevent damp from setting into your house.

Sometimes if the chimney hasn’t been repointed, then water can seep into the brick work, and run down the chimney, sometimes causing damp throughout the whole house. We can repair your chimney for you, we can also put new lead flashing around the chimney, to make sure that its waterproof between where the chimney ends, and your roof starts.


Our guttering is falling down, can you repair for us?

You might have plastic guttering or the guttering might be made steel or cast iron, if your guttering has fallen down, or might have a lot of rust, our company can replace your guttering. We can also replace the facia boards, as well as the downpipes as well. If you would like your whole roof replaced, we can also replace the facia boards, guttering and down pipes. Sometimes the facia board can be made from wood on some houses, and the wood can rot, and may fall down off the roof. We can replace the facia board, with a plastic facia board, this facia board will last longer.


Our house has a broken ridge tile can this be replaced?

Yes, ridge tiles are often made from clay, they can sometimes crack or break, this often happens during the colder weather. We can replace the broken ridge tile, or sometimes the customer will then want all the ridge tiles replaced, and we can replace all of the ridge tiles for you.


Which areas do your offer roof repairs?

We can repair any type of roof, whether it’s a flat roof or a pitched roof, for a quote call us today?