Roofing Contractors that can build every type of roof


There are some roofing companies that just build flat roofs, so for example, some companies may just build fibreglass roofs, and offer fibreglass roof repair. Then there are some companies which may just build commercial roofs, yet then there’s us, a Cardiff roofing company which can build every single type of roof under the sun, whether the roof is being built on a factory or a 3-bedrrom house, we can build any type of roof.


How much does it cost to replace a roof in Cardiff?

This does depend on the size of the roof we are building, for example, its often much easier to build a new roof on a terraced house 2-bedroom house, than it would a 5-bedroom detached property. So, it does very much depend on the size of the house, and also what type of roof tile you would like added to your house. Roof tiles vary massively cost, there’s roof tiles, which can be bought cheaply such as man-made roof tiles, then there’s the much more expensive, yet longer lasting roof tiles such as Welsh slate, which can cost a lot more.


Roof tiles

Therefore, the cost for us to build new roof in Cardiff, does depend on which type of roof tile you would like. However, we would recommend, when you’re choosing a roof tile, to consider the longevity of the roof tile, for example, Welsh slate is a more expensive roof tile, yet it does last a very long period of time, so you do need to weigh up how long the roof tile will last for.

Experienced roofing contractors

A roofing contractor with very little experience of building roofs, may build a roof, where the roof slates come loose fairly quickly. This may well be because the roof batons have not been secured correctly, or it could be because each slate has not been nailed properly, or low-quality nails have been used, and have rusted.

Sometimes our Cardiff roofing company doesn’t offer the lowest quotes, yet, we do build high quality roofs, which are well built, and made to last, so we focus on quality. We also buy quality wooden batons, quality roof slates, quality lead, plus because we have highly experienced roofers working for us, we are able to build quality roofs.


Don’t ignore a leaking roof

Sometimes a roof may start to leak, yet the leak may well be considered manageable, in terms of there’s only a slight damp patch that occurs. However, the problem could get worse, a large amount of water may be accumulating, and being held on the fibreglass or plasterboard ceiling, the water may settle on the fibreglass, and its only when the weight of the fibreglass, which is soaked in water gets so much that the internal ceiling may collapse on the floors.

So, a leaking roof, no matter how small the leak is, shouldn’t ever be ignored. Sometimes a Cardiff roofing company, like ours, can come out, replace a few roof slates, or the lead flashing or a section of the facia board, and this is all that is needed to fix the leak. And sometimes this work can be completed for a low cost. If the whole roof, does need replacing, and scaffolding is needed all the way around the house, we can offer you, a competitive price.


Can you build all of the scaffolding which will be needed when building the new roof?

Yes, we can recommend a few different scaffolding companies in Cardiff, and they can quickly build the scaffolding, and quickly take the scaffolding away as well, once we have finished building the roof, we will get the scaffolding moved for you as soon as we can.


Does your roof in Cardiff need repairing?

There might have been heavy winds, and this may have caused a few slates on your roof to come loose, or for the roof to be even more damaged, such as having smashed chimney pots in your garden, we can build scaffolding and repair your roof, and chimney pots.


Do you offer free quotes to repair a roof or replace a roof?

Yes we do, wherever you live in Cardiff we can offer you a free quote to replace your roof. Whether you just need a few slates replaced, because they have come loose, or you need a complete new roof, we can offer you a very competitive price.

Which types of roofs do you build?

We build the following types of roofs

-clay roofs

– man-made roof tiles

-slate roofs

– metal sheet roofs

– concrete tile roofs


We need a roofing contractor that can build a roof on a factory- do you build roofs on factories?

We build new roofs on shops, factories, supermarkets, we can build any type of roof, so why not give us a ring today?