On some new properties, they are not built with a chimney, or there might actually be an artificial chimney that is added to the roof just to give the appearance of the home having a chimney and looking more like a traditional Victorian house when it is not.

However, most houses do have a chimney, and chimneys like the rest of your house will need maintenance. Without maintenance birds could nest in the chimney pots, the concrete that goes on between the bricks could wear away and actually mean that the chimney needs re-pointing.

Also, it’s possible in strong gusts of wind for the clay pots to actually blow off the roof.

Therefore, Cardiff roofing companies like ours, are often called to a wreck scaffolding around the chimney and to start work on repairing the chimney.


Chimney repair

Therefore, our company can offer to repair your chimney, this could be in response to an emergency callouts because the chimney has become unsafe, for example during a storm some bricks might have come off the roof, chimney pots might have blown off the roof and are now precariously on the roof in fragments.

Alternatively, damage can occur to a chimney gradually over time, because the chimney is right at the top of your house is often exposed to strong winds and rain, this can mean that over time the concrete in between the bricks can get worn away.

This means that the chimney will actually need repointing, and this is quite an intricate job, scaffolding will need to be built around the chimney, and then a bricklayer will need to work on the scaffolding, the carefully re-point the concrete in between the bricks.


Are weeds currently growing from your chimney?

Quite often, as you drive through the city of Cardiff, you can see large weeds growing out of some chimneys, and you might think well this won’t cause any problems, but in matter of fact it can cause large problems, that’s because as the weeds grow so to the roots, and as the roots grow they expand they can actually jack-up courses of brickwork.

As this occurs, the layers are bricks will actually move, which can actually cause the chimney stacks become unstable.

In a worst-case scenario, during heavy winds bricks may fall off the roof, causing a huge health and safety issue, not to mention property damage that might because by these bricks coming loose.


Does your chimney need re-pointing?

Perhaps your chimney therefore needs repointing, at an affordable price we can wreck scaffolding, this will allow us a safe working platform, to get onto your roof and to start putting concrete in between the chimney’s bricks


Would you like your chimney to be taken down?

Sometimes, a homeowner thinks I am not going to use my chimney, I haven’t got a wood-burning stove, I don’t use an open fire, so I’m not going to go through the expense of having my chimney repointed, wide actually like is for the chimney to be taken down, and for that area to be reroofed, so it looks like there’s never been a chimney built onto my roof.

We can actually do this work for you; we would need to again a wreck scaffolding then once we’ve built the scaffolding, we can start to take the chimney down layer by layer.

Then we can use a rubbish chute to drop the bricks down into a skip that that has been placed below.


Would you like the chimney breast walls to be removed from inside your house?

Sometimes in say a terraced house, let’s say a two-bedroom terraced house with a lot of internal room can be taken up in the bedrooms and the living room by the chimney breast, because it’s quite a substantial structure and sometimes thousands of bricks are used to actually build the chimney breast.

What we can do is that we can remove the chimney, then we can start to remove the chimney breast as well, this will help you to obtain more room within your house.


Are bricks missing from your chimney?

It’s quite possible that you recently bought a property in Cardiff, and on the surveyor’s report comments that there are missing bricks from chimney, therefore you are going to want to get this repaired, our roofing company can repair the roof for you, replacing the missing bricks.


Have the chimney pots been blown off your chimney?

If the chimney pots of blown off your roof, then we can replace them for you.


Is the lead flashing messing around your chimney?

Perhaps the lead flashing has come loose from the chimney, we can go on to your roof and replace the lead flashing.


Is there water coming into your roof from running down your chimney?

Perhaps because the lead is come away from the chimney, water is now running down the chimney straight into your roof, this will urgently need to be repaired, and our roofing company can repair your chimney for you.