In areas like Penylan and Cyncoed, as well as Llandaff, many of the houses, will have a clay roof. Whether this is a double Roman clay roof, a roof made using Rosemary roof tiles, or it might be made using dreadnought roof tiles, often you will want the same type of roof, built onto your house, as your neighbours, so that your roof is in keeping with your neighbours’ properties.

We think that, clay roof tiles, are one of the best types of roof tiles, that money can buy. This type of roof looks brilliant on any type of house, it’s very long-lasting, needs little maintenance and can enhance the appearance of any house. Whether it’s a two-bedroom terraced house, or a seven-bedroom mansion in the middle of Cyncoed, Cardiff, we can either completely replace the roof, and supply all of the scaffolding, or we could carry out any roof repairs which are needed.

We are a roofing company, which has a huge amount of experience, building clay roofs.

What type of clay roofs do you build?

We can build clay roofs, using dreadnought, double Romans, Rosemary roof tiles, these are a lot more expensive normally than other types of roof tiles, for example most clay roof tiles are more expensive than fibre cement roof tiles, however clay roof tiles look brilliant on any type of house.

Double Roman

We can supply reclaimed or brand-new double Roman roof tiles, these are often used in Bristol, on a lot of the houses, but there are also some properties in Newport, South Wales which also have double Roman roof tiles used on the property.


Rosemary clay roofs

A brand of clay roof tiles that we highly recommend purchasing, are Rosemary roof tiles, is a very good quality, they are very long-lasting, and look brilliant on any type of house.

If you were to ask us which manufacturer of clay roof tiles we would recommend, we would always recommend either dreadnought or Rosemary roof tiles.

Both are manufactured here in the United Kingdom, these roof tiles of very high quality, very long-lasting and affordably priced.
dreadnought clay roofs.

We can also supply dreadnought clay roof tiles these are very high quality, last a long period of time and look brilliant on any type of house. We have added dreadnought clay roof tiles onto many properties within Cardiff, South Wales. We have added them onto two-bedroom terraced houses, right through to adding them to 5 bedroom detached properties.

Can you repair our clay roof?

Yes we can, we are a Cardiff roofing company, that can repair any type of roof, whether it’s a flat roof, made using rubber roofing, or it might be a pitched roof, made using Rosemary roof tiles, whether it’s the chimney, or the ridge tiles, or the lead flashing or the roof itself, or perhaps the guttering and downpipe, we can repair any part of your roof, we offer very affordable prices on roof repairs.

Do you replace ridge tiles?

Yes, if you’re ridge tiles, on your roof needs replacing, we can replace them at an affordable cost. For example during a heavy storm, the winds might have blown a few ridge tiles completely off the roof, and unless they are replaced quickly, this could mean that a leak develops in your roof.

We can replace the ridge tiles quickly, we can also supply the scaffolding as well, so we are roofing contractors that can also repair your roof as well as supply all the scaffolding which is needed.

Can you repair our chimney?

Yes, there might be weeds that are currently growing out of your chimney in Cardiff? We can build the scaffolding around your house and the chimney, then we can carry out the chimney repairs. We can completely re-point your whole chimney, we can add new lead flashing around the chimney, we can replace the chimney pots, we can remove the weeds from the chimney. We offer very affordable prices to repair your chimney in Cardiff.


Why should we pick your roofing company?


We are a roofing company, based in South Wales, there can repair or build any type of roof. Whether it’s a flat roof, or a pitched Welsh slate roof, we can build it, we offer very affordable prices, to repair or to build a new roof.