When you need a new roof constructed, you should think long and hard about which roofing company you will hire. It’s most definitely not a matter of picking the contractor which offers the lowest price.

The reason is, buying a new roof is a investment in your property, if the roof is built to a really poor standard, then after a few years leaks might develop. For example, if the timber is used to support the roof are too thin, then they might start to sag, they might even break.

The slightest movement in the roof, in that it starting to sag, could mean that leaks start to occur. The rubber roof membrane may well be pulled away from the wall, allowing water to fall down the wall and to impress into the property.

So, we know, that often we don’t offer the cheapest price, however we are still selected as the roofing contractor to build the fibreglass roof or the EPDM roof, he is why so many property owners within Cardiff hire us to construct their flat roof.


Simply put, every single flat roof that we built, whether it’s built for £1000 or £1 million, is guaranteed to last. We therefore guarantee every single roof that we build within Cardiff.

We therefore guarantee the roof, whether it’s made of fibreglass or rubber, we offer a long guarantee period to every single flat roof that we construct.

Top quality manufacturers of rubber roofing

Rubber roofing isn’t just made by one company, there are many companies which now manufacturer rubber roof membranes. Therefore, we have carefully selected, which company supplies us with our rubber roofing, which we know is very high quality, made to last, and therefore we are able to offer a long guarantee on our rubber roofing.

The best roofers

Highly experienced roofers don’t come cheap, in matter of fact, there’s actually a shortage right now of experienced roofers. So, we do pay a lot of money to our roofers, because we want highly experienced roofers working for us. We know that every single roof that they construct, will therefore be top quality, made to last and this is how we are able to offer a guarantee on every single roof that we construct.

Fascia boards and guttering

Not only can we repair your flat roof, but we can also replace the fascia boards, as well as the guttering if you would like these replaced as well?



When you’re all the roof is taken off, there is a lot of waste created. There will be wooden joists, wooden boards, the old fascia board, plastic guttering, the rubber membrane for the fibreglass sheet, there will also often be some bricks perhaps even some breeze blocks that need removing, we can therefore get rid of all this waste for you.

We can either hire a skip, we can load the waste onto our vans for you.

We’ve been building flat rooms in Cardiff for a long period of time
you may have seen one of our many Ford transit vans, driving around Cardiff, South Wales. That’s because we have a large workforce working for us, we have many lands on the road, and every day we are building multiple flat roofs.

We are therefore a large roofing company, we don’t just build roofs for residential customers, but we also build roofs for commercial customers, for example we might be building £1 million roof for a commercial customer.

Built very fast

We now have a team of 10 flat roofers, our roofers, are highly experienced they can build a flat roof very quickly. Whether the roofs to be made of epdm, fibreglass or perhaps rubber roofing, we can build the roof very quickly.

In matter of fact, our roofing company, is well known in Cardiff, South Wales for building rubber rooms very quickly. Sometimes we can build a whole new roof in less than one working day.


Would you like a new flat roof built?

Perhaps you would like a new flat roof made of fibreglass built onto your garden room, perhaps you need a new flat roof built onto your garage, perhaps you need a new rubber roof built onto your house? Well why not call Kingsley build, we build flat roofs throughout the Vale of Glamorgan as well as in Cardiff, we offer very competitive prices, and we have some of the most highly experienced roofers working for us.


In conclusion

Here’s why you should hire us

  • Built to last
    All of our fibreglass, rubber roof’s, as well as our pitched roofs are built to last. We offer super long guarantees on our flat roofs.
    Cardiff roofers
    Cardiff roofers working for our roofing company.
    Facias and guttering

When we are building your new flat roof, we can replace the facias and the guttering, perhaps you would like aluminium guttering or perhaps you would like plastic guttering?