No matter what type of roof is on your house in Cardiff, our roofing contractors can fix your roof at a very competitive price. With highly experienced roofers working for us, we are the roofing company that many businesses and residents in Cardiff turn to when they have a leaking roof.


We have leaking pitched roof can you repair it?


A leaking roof can be caused by something as minor as the lead flashings coming away from the chimney.

A leaking roof can also be caused by just one broken roof tile, and the homeowner may spot the leaking roof tile from the garden, because after heavy winds, they may have noticed half a slate broken on the floor in their patio. Yet the homeowner might think, well its only one roof tile, it doesn’t need the attention of a Cardiff roofing company.

Yet a leak can occur, and that leak slowly drips, and drips into the attic, causing the fibreglass lagging to become sodden with water, then the fibreglass can sometimes become so heavy, so sodden with water, and in the middle of the night, the plasterboard falls off the ceiling and water is everywhere.

So, something as small as one broken roof tile, lead flashings coming loose, or a chimney that needs repointing shouldn’t be ignored. You should call a reputable roofing company straight away for a free quote and some advice.

We have many positive business reviews, and we have built roofs all across Cardiff. You may have seen our banners being displayed on scaffolding throughout Cardiff, that’s because we build roofs for businesses, and homeowners, often we offer the cheapest quote, and we can do that because we have many roofers who work for us, so we can build a new pitched or flat roof quickly.


Our flat roof is leaking, can you repair it for us?

We find that more flat roofs need repair rather than pitched roofs, and why is that? Well, sometimes a fibreglass roof was only meant to last a certain period of time, and sometimes that fibreglass roof that’s on the kitchen roof, might be 10 years past when it was designed to last, so now the resins in the fibreglass roof have broken down, and then when you have a lot of really hot summers drying and cracking the fibreglass, this is when the roof develops leaks.

The leaks may have developed in the summer, it’s just when pools of water accumulate during the winter on the roof, that the leaks get really bad.

Often it isn’t worth repairing a really old fibreglass roof, so our Cardiff roofing business, can offer you a quote to either build a new fibreglass roof, or to build a EPDM roof.

We would highly recommend that you have a fibreglass roof, replaced with a rubber roof. Each year we build many EPDM roofs in Cardiff, we build so many some businesses think we are rubber roof specialists, and we do offer to build rubber roofs, yet this is not the only type of roof we build, we also build pitched roofs, and we build, many roofs using Welsh roofing slates, and man-made roofing slates, and concrete roof tiles as well.


We run a business, and the roof on our business premises has started to leak, can you come and repair it?

Yes, whether it’s a supermarket, a restaurant, fish and chip shop, we can come and repair a roof on any commercial building anywhere in Cardiff. Our roofers, and we have over 10 full-time roofers working for us, can repair flat roofs, such as rubber roofs, we can also repair pitched roofs, such as roofs made using rosemary roof tiles. We also offer emergency calls outs, so for example, after a strong storm, there may still be many loose roof tiles on the roof, which are a fall hazard, we can come out remove the loose roof slates, and start repairing your roof.


Cardiff roofers

So, if you’re looking for a roofing company, a company which can offer you an affordable price to repair or replace your roof, then why not call us?