With the rise in energy prices, a lot of people, are scared at what their electricity bill might be each month. This is meant that a lot of people, are looking at getting solar panels fitted to the roof, whether that be to the roof of the house, the garage of the summerhouse roof.

This is so that they can generate their own electric. Our roofing company therefore has started to offer to install solar panels in Cardiff.

Can you install solar panels?

We most definitely can, we can install quality solar panels on to your roof of your house, this can help you to generate your own electric.

Why have solar panels become so popular?

Because energy prices have increased so substantially, that’s for electricity and gas, more and more people are looking for ways which they can offset their electricity bills every single month. A great way of doing this, is to get solar panels added to your house. Whether you’ve got a period property, that’s over 100 years old in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan- I’ve got a brand-new house in St Mellons, we can fit solar panels to any type of roof.

Top quality

A great way of generating electric is to install solar panels onto your roof, however we would only recommend purchasing top quality solar panels, that are guaranteed for a period of time. All of the solar panels that we install, are made by top quality manufacturers of solar panels.

There are a lot of low quality solar panels on the market, and you should avoid these because they can sometimes break and incur faults.
Our company however, installs quality solar panels.

Are there roof tiles that have solar panels that are built within the roof tile?

Yes there are some manufacturers that now make concrete roof tiles, and actually embedded within the roof tile is a solar panel, all of these roof tiles are then connected via wires to generate electricity.

Therefore if you don’t want large solar panels fitted to your roof, you can have the roof made from concrete tiles, have solar panels fitted inside the concrete tile.

How much does it cost to have solar panels added to our roof?

We would need to visit your home, to see whether the roof is suitable for us to install solar panels on.

We will need to see if the roof needs replacing or fixing first, then we can advise how many solar panels that that we can fit your roof and

Which areas do you build roofs?

We build new roofs in Cardiff, South Wales, as well as in Newport. We offer free quotations, so why not give us a ring?

Do we need to have our roof replaced, in order to have solar panels fitted?

Often, we can fit solar panels onto an existing roof, this means that the roof often doesn’t need to be replaced. However, one of our salespersons will need to come out, to make an assessment of whether we can fit solar panels onto your current roof or not. For example, if the roof is bowing, because there’s problems with the structural timbers inside the roof, and this will need to be repaired, before we can start to put solar panels onto the roof.

Can you fit solar panels onto a garden room?

Yes, we can, a lot of people have a garden room within their garden that might be south facing, the garden room might have quite a large flat roof, so why not add solar panels?

Solar panels on a summerhouse

Owning a summerhouse, that has a flat roof presents an excellent opportunity to add solar panels onto the flat roof. Our solar panel installers can install solar panels in a short period of time.

Sometimes, some of our customers then have a large battery fitted within the summerhouse, the large battery is stored in the side room with the garden room and as the solar panels can then start to generate electric through the solar panels, this is then fed into the battery. Then the owner can use the battery to power the garden room.

Can you add solar panels to a commercial building?

Yes, a lot of warehouses for example are looking to add solar panels to the roof of their buildings, to offset electricity bills that they incur every single month.

For example, you might own a large factory, or industrial unit in Cardiff, and you may want solar panels added to the roof. We can install solar panels for you .

We can erect scaffolding all the way around the building, then we can get to work on adding the solar panels to the roof of the factory or the commercial building.

We partner with a number of scaffolding companies; so we are able to offer you also a very competitive price to also offer to build the scaffolding all the way around the factory for you.

We can then work with electricians to fit solar panels to the roof of your building.

Do you offer free quotations?

Yes, we do, whether we are building a brand new roof, or whether we are installing solar panels, all of our quotes are offered free of charge.