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A guide to breather membranes, also known as breathable membranes

    We have built a lot of pitched roofs, as well as garden rooms within the city of Cardiff. This means that we install a lot of breathable membranes, so we thought, it would be a good idea to write a detailed article explaining the benefits of a breathable membrane being installed. Why are breathable membranes used in pitched roofing? So, if you were to take off some much older roofs, let’s say a roof on a house in Penarth, that has its original slate roof. If that roof is say over 100 years o [...]

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Why do so many roofing companies often recommend fibre cement roof tiles?

As you drive through the busy streets of Cardiff, often on a lot of long roads, there will be often multiple houses that are having their roof replaced. Often the roofing company, that is replacing the whole roof, will often be replacing it with fibre cement roof tiles- but why are these roof tiles so popular? Why do so many roofing contractors, use fibre cement roof tiles, when replacing the roof. Within this article, we will explain fully, why fibre cement roof tiles are so popular, why so man [...]

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Signs that your roof might need replacing?

There are some home improvement jobs that can be delayed for another day, for example putting up a bookshelf, repainting the living room, or perhaps laying new carpet. These tasks could be considered as non-essential, however, what is the sure is you can’t delay repairing or completely replacing your roof. It’s possible, that if your roof is not properly maintained, that water leaks can occur, sometimes causing substantial property damage. For example, on a particularly cold winter, ridge tiles [...]

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Which type of roof repairs does your company offer?

  When a roof starts to leak, it can be for many different reasons. For example, it could be because of a broken ridge tile, or perhaps the lead flashing has started to come away from the chimney? Regardless, of whether you have a pitched roof, or perhaps you have a leak that has now occurred on a flat roof? We have roofers, that can repair your roof. In this article, we are going to explain, how we can fix your roof Ridge tile replacement It could be, that’s during a particularly cold wint [...]

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The many benefits of purchasing solar roof tiles

    Introduction we bet that you have heard of Welsh slate, you will have most likely also heard of clay roof tiles, such as double Romans? But, have you heard of solar roof tiles, and do you know the benefits of choosing this roof tile? Within this article we are going to explain what solar roof tiles are, the many benefits of owning these, and also why so many people are hiring us to build a roof using solar roof tiles.   Do you have a pitched roof? If you have a pitched roof, t [...]

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What are the benefits of choosing fibre cement roof tiles?

  If you were, to ask most British roofing companies, which type of roof tiles to the most commonly used, undoubtedly, the resounding answer will be that the company most often uses fibre cement roof tiles. You might be reading this article, simply because you have a quote, from a local roofing contractor, that has stated on the quotation, that they are going to use fibre cement roof tiles, yes you might not know the benefits of picking this type of roof tile. As we are roofing contractors, with [...]

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