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We need rubber roof built- do you build flat roofs?

    Flat Roofing Whether your roof is leaking quite badly on your garage or perhaps you’ve just had a property extension added onto your house- you might now be looking for a local roofing company, which can repair or completely replace the roof, we can help.     Why should we choose your roofing company? ·        Large team of roofers ·        We build every type of roof ·        We are rubber roof specialists ·        Every roof comes with a super long guarantee ·        We [...]

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How much does a brand-new roof cost to build?

Your current roof, might on the whole might be in good condition? However, some parts of the roof, might need repairing, such as the facia boards, ridge tiles, or the flashings? For example, the lead flashing might be coming away from the bottom of the chimney, or part of the fascia board, made of wood might have rotted away and is now hanging off the roof. So now weighing up, is it worth, repairing those part of the roof, or completely replacing the roof and having say a new roof built? Roofing [...]

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Why has my roof suddenly started to leak?

A roof might be on our house, for over 20 years, and then be no issues whatsoever. However, suddenly you know this upstairs that a major leak has occurred, the wallpaper is starting to come off the walls, and there is a smell of damp. You therefore need a roofing contractor, to come out as soon as possible and to fix the roof. But what can cause a roof to suddenly start leaking? Well in this article, our expert roofers, are going to explain, the common issues with pitched roofs in United Kingdom [...]

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Do you build clay roofs in Cardiff?

  In areas like Penylan and Cyncoed, as well as Llandaff, many of the houses, will have a clay roof. Whether this is a double Roman clay roof, a roof made using Rosemary roof tiles, or it might be made using dreadnought roof tiles, often you will want the same type of roof, built onto your house, as your neighbours, so that your roof is in keeping with your neighbours’ properties. We think that, clay roof tiles, are one of the best types of roof tiles, that money can buy. This type of roof [...]

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Do you require a flat roof to be built or repaired- here’s why you should hire us?

  Introduction When you need a new roof constructed, you should think long and hard about which roofing company you will hire. It’s most definitely not a matter of picking the contractor which offers the lowest price. The reason is, buying a new roof is a investment in your property, if the roof is built to a really poor standard, then after a few years leaks might develop. For example, if the timber is used to support the roof are too thin, then they might start to sag, they might even bre [...]

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