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How much does a rubber roof cost?

    Our company specialises in building what is called rubber roof’s. You’ve most probably heard of fibreglass roofs, and you’ve most definitely heard of slate roofs, right? A lot of people now want rubber roofs built, in the last 10 years, rubber roofing has become very popular. However, there is often the misconception, that this type of roofing is extremely costly, however in matter of fact you can sometimes help to save you money. So, we thought we would write a quick blog post, ex [...]

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Our roof has incurred damage during strong winds- can you repair our roof?

    Introduction During a storm or just high winds, a number of roofs within Cardiff, South Wales can incur damage, this might range from rather minimal damage, such as a few roof slates becoming broken and sliding down the roof, through to complete chimneys collapsing and falling, which would require much more extensive work in order to repair.   We can repair any type of roof We are roofing contractors, which are able to repair any type of roof, we also repair chimneys and also [...]

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Why should we choose you as our roofing contractor?

  Introduction There are thousands of roofing contractors, some just build flat roofs, some just build pitched roofs, however we build both. Because there are so many roofing contractors to choose from, quite literally thousands, we thought it would be a really good idea to write an article, explaining why so many residents within Cardiff, have already hired us to repair, or to completely replace their roof.   Insurance Our company is fully insured, we are insured to build both flat ro [...]

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How much does a new roof cost to build in Cardiff, South Wales?

  Introduction You might have been living in your property for say well over 20 years, and the roof might have needed no repair work whatsoever during that time. However, one night, during a particularly heavy storm, multiple slates might have come loose, ridge tiles might have flown off the roof, and chimney pots might’ve smashed in your garden. So, your roof might need extensive repair work, or alternatively it might brand-new roof constructed. Well, you most definitely come to the right [...]

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Why you shouldn’t ignore problems with your chimney

      Introduction So, when our kitchens start to look a bit dated, or there’s a lock our window doesn’t open, then this normally gets our immediate attention, and rightly so. Yet what about our chimneys on our homes, well, sometimes, they need extensive work, because large weeds are growing out of them, bricks are coming loose, or sometimes they need totally repointing- but some homeowners and landlords turn a blind eye, is this a good idea? Most definitely not, in this blog post [...]

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Can you add solar panels to our roof?

  Introduction With the rise in energy prices, a lot of people, are scared at what their electricity bill might be each month. This is meant that a lot of people, are looking at getting solar panels fitted to the roof, whether that be to the roof of the house, the garage of the summerhouse roof. This is so that they can generate their own electric. Our roofing company therefore has started to offer to install solar panels in Cardiff. Can you install solar panels? We most definitely can, we [...]

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What are the main benefits of choosing rubber roofing for our flat roof?

    Introduction Just like a pitched roof, a flat roof can be built in different ways. For example, when a roofer is building a pitched roof, they can build the roof with concrete, slate or clay roof tiles. And with a flat roof, the roofer can build the roof using fibreglass, rubber roofing or tar felt, so this blog post will concentrate on explaining the benefits of rubber roofing.   How is rubber roofing built? Rubber roofing is built, with wooden beams that support the roof, th [...]

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Our garage roof is leaking can you repair or replace it?

    Introduction Whether your garage roof is made using tar, perhaps with stones embedded in the tar, or the garage roof is made using fibreglass, or perhaps it’s a pitched roof, made using rosemary roof tiles. We are a roofing company that can repair any type of pitched or flat roof. If the roof is beyond economical repair, let’s say it’s a fibreglass roof, with rotten roof timbers, then we can offer you a quote, to replace the whole roof.   How much does it cost to replace a roo [...]

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Do you repair chimneys?

    Introduction On some new properties, they are not built with a chimney, or there might actually be an artificial chimney that is added to the roof just to give the appearance of the home having a chimney and looking more like a traditional Victorian house when it is not. However, most houses do have a chimney, and chimneys like the rest of your house will need maintenance. Without maintenance birds could nest in the chimney pots, the concrete that goes on between the bricks could w [...]

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