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Why choose Welsh slate for your roof?

    Introduction When your house needs a new roof, you should take your time, to make sure you pick the right roof tile for your house. That’s because the different types of roof tile, concrete, slate or man-made really change the appearance of your house. Welsh slate offers quality and suited to all types of houses, yet you often see Welsh slate used on many period properties. What the benefits choosing slate? Welsh slate is timeless- whether it’s been added to a roof over100 years ago, or just [...]

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Roof tiles Cardiff- which roof tiles would best suit my roof?

    Introduction Some parts of Cardiff, most of the roofs will be made of Welsh slate or man-made slates. This is important because this is a thin type of roofing slate, and you sometimes need the same type of roofing tile, for it to join into next door’s roof. For example if you have a terraced property, and your neighbour has a roof made using man-made roof tiles, and the slates join to next doors roof, then you will often need the same thickness of slate to join next doors roof. The [...]

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A complete guide to concrete roof tiles and why they are such a good option

    A complete guide to concrete roof tiles and why they are such a good option   Introduction:   If your roof on your house needs replacing, and you are shopping around for roof tiles, well you are spoilt for choice when it comes to roof tiles, because there are hundreds of different roof tiles. For example there are clay roof tiles, and now there are even roof tiles which have solar panels built into the roof tile. So among the many options available, concrete roof tiles ar [...]

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Our roofing company can offer you a huge range of roof tiles to pick from: From clay to slate, Discover the Best for Your Roof”

  Introduction: We an established roofing Company in Cardiff   This article will help you understand the different types of roof tiles which are available – a key component of your home's integrity and aesthetic appeal. We are established roofing company that’s based in Cardiff, we provide an array of different roofing options, each with its unique benefits, aesthetics, and durability factors. This article aims to delve into the assortment of roof tiles we offer to help you make an inf [...]

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