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How much does a brand-new roof cost in Cardiff?

      Introduction Cardiff, in South Wales, like most capital cities has thousands of properties, yet these properties will have a wide range of different roofs. Some houses will have a Welsh slate roof, which is our favourite type of roof. Others will have a roof made of concrete roof tiles, others will have a roof it’s made using asbestos slates, which are no longer used in the construction industry. Some other businesses will use man-made roof tiles. Your roof might have develo [...]

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Can you fix our leaking roof in Cardiff, South Wales?

    Introduction No matter what type of roof is on your house in Cardiff, our roofing contractors can fix your roof at a very competitive price. With highly experienced roofers working for us, we are the roofing company that many businesses and residents in Cardiff turn to when they have a leaking roof.   We have leaking pitched roof can you repair it?   A leaking roof can be caused by something as minor as the lead flashings coming away from the chimney. A leaking roof can a [...]

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How much does a new flat roof cost?

    Introduction Flat roofs are built on a wide range of buildings, many garages have a flat room, summerhouses and property extensions. Yet flat roofs can also be made from a wide range of different roofing, for example, fibreglass, steel, rubber roofing. The cost therefore to repair or completely replace a flat roof, does depend on what the roofs made from.  In this article we will explain the types of flat roofs we build and repair in Cardiff, which ones we recommend, and the pros a [...]

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Does your roof need replacing in Cardiff?

      Roofing Contractors that can build every type of roof   There are some roofing companies that just build flat roofs, so for example, some companies may just build fibreglass roofs, and offer fibreglass roof repair. Then there are some companies which may just build commercial roofs, yet then there’s us, a Cardiff roofing company which can build every single type of roof under the sun, whether the roof is being built on a factory or a 3-bedrrom house, we can build any ty [...]

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Does your roofing company also to carry out roof repairs?

      Introduction What’s for sure is that broken or missing roof slates should never be ignored, some homeowners might think, well there’s no leaks at the moment, so choose to ignore the missing roof slates. Yet what can happen is a water starts to rot the structural timber, and might actually be causing the fibreglass in the roof to become saturated with water. So then sometimes, during say a storm, with a lot of rain fall the whole ceiling could come down. So missing roof slate [...]

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With so many roofing companies to choose from, how should we know who to choose?

  Introduction Buying a new roof for your house, well, its totally different from popping along to the local supermarket and buying the week groceries. You’re going to want a roof that lasts a long time, doesn’t present any issues, like starting to leak, and you want a roof that will improve the look of your property, so when it comes to selling your home, perspective buyers can say, well the “the roof looks in good condition”. So, there’s so much to think about, and with hundreds of Cardif [...]

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What are the main advantages and also the disadvantages of choosing man-made roof tiles?

    Introduction   It goes without doubt, that If you were to ask most roofing contractors, “what type of roof tile to you use the most when building a roof?” It without doubt that the majority use what’s called a man-made roof tile, and the main reason for this, is they can be purchased at a low cost, and when you imagine that the roofing company will need to often buy thousands, just to build one single roof, they need to buy a roof tile at the cheapest price possible. It does g [...]

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Which roof tiles should we buy for our house?

There are so many options when it comes to buying roof tiles for your house, there’s myriad of tile options can make knowing which one to choose a bit daunting. However we are roofing contractors in Cardiffthat are here to help, we will recommend different types of roof tiles,  the benefits and disadvantages of each, so that you can make an informed decision as to which roof tile is best you’re your house in Cardiff, South Wales.     Understanding the benefits of each type of roof tile [...]

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How to install box profile roofing sheets

  In this blog post, we will talk about how install box profile roofing sheets. This detailed guide offers you comprehensive insights, evidence-based facts, and intriguing statistics. We will explain how to install box profile roofing sheets     Which areas do you build roofing? We build domestic and commercial roofs, we build our roofs in Cardiff, yet our roofers can also build roofs anywhere in the United Kingdom. We therefore build a lot different types of roof, ranging from adding [...]

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Did you know that we also can add a roof Lantern to your roof?

  Introduction It’s so important to let much sunlight into a living room or kitchen as possible, there’s many reasons for this, for example energy saving, so you don’t have to have the lights switched on so much. But also, often homeowners like natural light, rather having say led bulbs switched on all day. So therefore, if you want more natural light coming in your living room, or garden room, then why not have a roof lantern fitted the roof. From ancient Greek architecture, through Roman [...]

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