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What are the main benefits of choosing “fibre cement” roof tiles?

  Introduction   Fibre cement roof tiles are durable, they can also be bought by roofing companies at a low cost, that’s when compared to some other types roof tiles. The vast majority of the roofs that we repair in Cardiff, are replaced fibre cement roof tiles, as they are a fraction of the cost of using slate. Welsh slate roofs will often last longer, for example, if you were to take a look at some Victorian houses in Cardiff, a lot still have their original roof. That’s because wels [...]

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Roofing contractors Cardiff- which roofing company should we choose?

    Introduction Our business can completely replace your roof, on your house, we can also offer roof repairs, chimney repairs or we can just replace your guttering and facial boards. All work is high quality, plus we employ highly experienced roofers, so you will obtain a quality roof, whether it’s made of clay roof tiles, slate or man-made tiles. We offer very competitive prices, to repair or replace your roof, we build new roofs anywhere within Cardiff, South Wales. The roofs we bui [...]

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Slate roofing buyer’s guide: Everything you need to know about Welsh slate roofing

Introduction: Slate roofing has been a popular choice for homeowners all over Wales, and builders opt to add Welsh slate roofing, when building a brand-new house, because Welsh slate roofing offers durability, natural beauty, and also longevity. In this comprehensive guide, we will talk about slate roofing, its types, and how it can a long-lasting roof, and a Welsh slate roof looks great on any house. With information on Welsh slate, natural roof slate, and an in-depth FAQ section, this is your [...]

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What type of roof tiles slate, composite or clay would be best for my house?

  Introduction: When it comes to putting a roof onto your house, you do have to carefully consider which roof tiles will be best for roof. Most roofing contractors, mostly build new roofs using “composite tiles” however we roofing contractors in Cardiff, that can offer you many more options, such as clay, slate or steel. The importance of a good quality roof tile cannot be overstated, if you were to ask us, what we think is the very best roof tile you can buy, we would say “Welsh Slate” how [...]

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